Amberjack Spearfishing in Baja

Best Summer Fishing Week! So Far…

This week was possibly the best week yet of the season. Even though the water is not in the best shape with continued upwellings making for mixed temperature greenish conditions. The fish just didn’t seem to care.
Bait is widely available. Again with mackerel in the bay and largest sardines I’ve ever seen sold around Tecolote. Gosh where do I start? To begin with you will hear the word limits a lot in this report.

Yellowtail, Mahi, Fishing

Summer is Here!

Let’s begin with the COVID policies of the week. The beaches are now closed until further notice as well as the Malecon. The restaurants are still open and and offer both limited inside as well as patio and takeout dining. All retail stores are open and alcohol is a available.
Overall La Paz is doing pretty well with compliance. Everyone is wearing masks and all open businesses have attended safety protocol classes and seem to be adhering to them. Fishing is open with limitations as to how many people are allowed in each boat. Example a 26’-30’ boat is allowed to have 3 anglers and 2 crew, 31’-35’ are allowed 5 anglers and 2 crew. Seems pretty normal.


Mahi Mahi has been the main catch this week with the fish ranging around 10-20lbs. Several medium sized Pargos and Cabrillas have made for tasty dinners at Azul Marino restaurant. Tuna bite was a little scarce this week, seems like an adjustment to leader strength and hook size could be the trick to land the bigger sized yellowfin.

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