Fishing Report

August Fishing Report

This year’s fishing season stands out with remarkable bull Dorado, some surpassing 40 lbs after a decade-long absence. Offshore, groups of 3-5 Striped Marlin offer frequent hookups near Punta Norte and El Charro seamounts, best caught by trolling small, light-colored lures. Tuna, averaging around 25 lbs, are 15-30 miles offshore beneath porpoises. Espíritu Santos island offers diverse catches including Dorado, Pargo Mulato, Cabrilla, and Cubera snapper. As summer wanes, hurricane concerns loom for September. October brings an extraordinary opportunity as fleets move to Mag Bay, promising unparalleled angling experiences on the 40’ Riviera with extensive fishing grounds.

Mid-July Fishing Report

The main game is still Dorado, this year has been one of the best in years for fish over 40lbs.
Team Baco won third in the Dorado tournament and 1st in the Marlin catch and release category. 
Last week we also found large schools of spinner dolphins fairly close to shore well within our fishing range holding both large Dorado 40lb class and huge amounts of Tuna in the 25lb range. 

Summer Fishing Report

The yellowtail have pretty much moved on to cooler water, normal for this time of year, only to be replaced with monster AmberJacks. Fair trade.
The same fishing grounds are also full of giant, world class Cubera Snapper. Good for eating, great for fighting. The main story this week are the Dorado. The waters here in La Paz are stacked with Dodo’s from 10lb schoolies to 40lb slabs. 
Striped Marlin are starting to make a big presence mainly concentrated offshore around El Charro and La Reina.
Inshore fishing is starting to heat up as well. Now is the season for world class and potentially world record Roosterfish.
A few wahoo have been caught mostly off the tips of both North and South Cerralvo.

Goodbye May Fishing Report

The yellowtail and Cabrilla are still on the feed on both live bait trolled at depth and jigging 150 gram butterfly jigs in assorted colors. Large schools of AmberJacks running 30-50lbs are hunkered down in their usual spots but, aren’t feeding on a regular basis. We have caught some real nice Dorado 30 pound class in open water. No grass no birds just blind strikes. The striped Marlin are migrating up the Sea of Cortez in large pods. Inshore fishing has been real consistent. Pargo have been up in the shallows spawning. Roosters are combing the beaches in search of food. If Rooster fish are on your bucket list this is your chance.

Welcome May Fishing Report

Over all fishing is good. The cooler water around the islands and seamounts are still holding yellowtail, Cabrilla and Pargo. I’m a bit surprised that the AmberJacks haven’t made a bigger showing. Most boats are picking up a couple Dorado. Mostly around the sargasso paddies and current lines. Slow trolling sardines or casting into the paddies are producing fish in the 20lb class.

Easter Fishing Report

With all the spring species (Yellowtail, Pargo and Cabrilla) still available and the Pelagic’s ( Dorado, Roosters and striped Marlin) starting to show the daily variety is yours for the choosing. Unfortunately the yellowtail have seemed to thin out a bit.

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