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BACo was born out of extraordinary and unforgettable life experiences, centered around the hidden gems of Southern Baja. These spectacular locations were discovered through years of exploration and a constant thirst for adventure.


Our team possesses a profound understanding of the area, making them the perfect companions for your journey into this unspoiled paradise. Alongside providing thrilling adventures, we also strive to educate. Our professional, bilingual, and experienced guides are dedicated to offering you the very best in outdoor activities, both in and out of the water.


We take pride in offering well-maintained, comfortable, and seaworthy boats equipped with eco-friendly four-stroke engines, state-of-the-art navigational electronics, comfortable seating, and marine safety equipment that complies with all regulations.

Whether you join us to simply spectate or to reel in the big catch, we possess the ideal locations, dedicated staff, top-notch equipment, and extensive expertise to curate an unforgettable adventure. Since our establishment, we have tailored adventure trips to cater to the unique needs and budgets of our clients.


Our services extend to individuals, couples, families, bachelor parties, and corporate groups. The breadth of activities we offer can be customized before your trip, so you can meticulously plan and execute your dream vacation.


We pursued our passion and transformed it into a livelihood. Now, we’re here, ready to turn your outdoor aspirations into reality too. What grand adventures have you been fantasizing about? Share your dream nature getaway with us, and we’ll go above and beyond to bring it to life!

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