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La Paz Fishing Report / June 20th 2021

Weather & Bait

With summer officially upon us, summer fishing seems a little late, but with promising signs. We are definitely seeing the tourist crowds changing from whale watching and site seeing to fishing, both conventional and spearos are making their way down. The flights are mostly full as well as the boats.
The water temperature and clarity are both improving. This should continue to improve as summer conditions continue to develop . We do have a couple of tropical storms south of us, but traditionally they move Northwest this time of year. Hopefully this trend will continue which should keep the colder water from moving up the gulf.
Bait, continues to be plentiful with sardines off the beach at Tecolote and chuhuil and Bolitos on the seamounts.
With June coming to an end so should the transition from the spring time jack and grouper season to the top water Pelagic’s. That being said.

Fish Talk

The seamounts at El Bajo are still holding a fair amount of AlmacoJacks and Cubera snapper as well as striped Marlin free jumping all around. The snapper are running 20 plus lbs and are caught mostly on the chunk bonito and banana fish.. Some days the Marlin are so thick casting rapalas or most any kind of swim bait, along with trolling Ballyhoos are enticing bites.
Sargasso paddies are still lined up on the current lines running north to south from Punta Coyote to Rosario. The Dorado are pretty mixed in size from 10-35lb . Slow trolling or casting sardines while hopping from paddy to paddy will all but guarantee limits of Mahi. It’s best to release the smaller ones as the limit is 2 per day per angler so best be patient and wait for those Larger slabs.

Inshore fishing is still ok. If your looking for Roosters, fish off the Sandy beaches with sardines or mullet. The fish that are around are fair size not the sluggers La Paz is known for, but still a big tug. The rock slides around the island are holding small to medium Pargo and cabrilla. Light spinning gear with a top water swim bait is a blast and challenging.

As I stay optimistic the season looks like it’s developing nicely.
Colorín colorado este cuento se ha acabado.
Keep the faith Scotto
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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