Two Tuna In One Week & Mahi Mahi are Here


La Paz Fishing Report / May 16th 2021

Weather & Bait

There’s no doubt summer is on its way. Generally we have cool mornings with nice temperate afternoons in spring. Not the case this week it was more like summer with warm mornings and hot afternoons crossing the 100 degree mark with a slight increase in humidity.
Fortunately when you’re on the water with a light offshore breeze in your face it’s not so bad. The water is improving daily. We are 9 degrees warmer this week over last, that’s a lot in the fish world.
Also the visibility, is 10x better then the week before. The reason I’m mentioning this, if this trend continues it will be the perfect conditions for the Pelagic’s to come our our way. This is what we wait all season for.
We noticed large shoals of bait fish migrating from south to north, almost a continuous stream of them. Mackerel, Bolitos and chihuil should start settling in on the high spots setting the stage for our summer fishing. Sardines are plentiful and sold around Tecolote, these are some of the biggest sardines I’ve seen all year. Super nice. Also we have calimar for sale at the office. Just ask your captain if your interested. I would say this week was just short of incredible, for May it was outstanding.

Fish Talk

Finally the Dorado are hanging around the sargasso paddies waiting for the bait to take refuge underneath them. We found paddies the size of cars, all holding a few Mahi’s eager to bite. On the seamounts it’s a buffet of fish for both the traditional angler and the Spearos. Early in the week we had large schools of Huachinango suspended at the 60 foot mark. The spearos were shooting there limits in a couple of hours and the anglers we’re doing just as well. Unfortunately later in the week the trigger fish moved in on the action making it harder to get to the snapper. Perhaps that will change soon.
In the same area the Almaco jacks, cousins of the AmberJacks are just on the edge of the huachinango. Drift fishing with sardines and a 6oz weight or slow trolling with a down rigger will get these Pez Fuertes to bite. They have been running 15-50lb. On the higher spots of the seamounts and rocky areas along the islands the Pargo and cabrilla fishing has been nothing short of epic. Not so much on the quantity but the quality. In my 12 years of living in La Paz I have never seen so many monster cabrilla.
This is also the time for inshore fishing, roosters to 40 lbs off the beaches is a guarantee. Slow trolling mullet or site fishing with fly rods you will get bent.

Tuna Talk

Let’s talk tuna, my favorite subject. As I mentioned last week it’s a total hit or miss, this week well it’s a total hit or miss. Not much has changed, but they are there and willing to bite. If you’re interested in one of these brutes I wouldn’t spend all of my time waiting but I would definitely commit one day. Its a hero or zero deal. Monday our captain Cundo and his Wife scored a Mother’s Day fish, and then again on Friday we had a group out trying their luck. After a few hour in the heat they about had enough and asked the captain to head in. The captain asked for a few more minutes when bang a 200 lb YFT inhaled a chunk of calimar. 2 hours later you could hear the cheering from the boat as it entered the marina. It’s worth the wait.
To sum it all up it’s good and should only get better.
I really don’t want to jinx’s it, and yes I am superstitious but this year the fish signs are all lining up.
Give us a call as we are filling up quickly now that the COVID deal seems to be coming to an end.
Until next week
Keep the faith Scotto
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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