May Fishing Report

La Paz Fishing Report / May 30th 2021

Weather & Bait

As May slips away the spring fishing left us with incredible memories. Historically May is a transition month, and this year was no exception. We had really great days mixed with our share of disappointing ones.
What I can say for sure is all the signs of a solid season are here. The winds are dying down, the water temperature are now in the high 70’s to low 80’s and the visibility offshore looks is clear blue. Inshore is still a bit cloudy and green but this is perfectly normal.
Bait is widely available both sardines, the largest I have seen in years and chuhuil and mackerel on the banks. We also have calamar for sale at the office.

Fish Talk

Let’s start with the sargasso paddies. From the San Lorenzo channel north to partida and south to Rosario. These paddies are the size of our boats. Slow trolling sardines or just cruising buy brailing a few sardines as you pass by will bring the fish up if anyone is home. Both pairing cows and bull as well as schooling peanut size dodos are being caught. Your limit is 2 per angler so limits are easily available.
The seamounts are still holding spring time species. Cubera snapper, huachinango, Cabrilla as well as 50lb class Almaco Jacks. These species are being caught by fishing sardines with weights, controlled depth fishing with down riggers or spearfishing. It looks like there’s a thermocline around 60 ft holding much colder water. As long as this continues these fish will hold tight offering a great variety of fish.

Tuna Talk

the year is shaping up nicely. We are still picking away at quality fish in the 100lb range. If you choose to do this it will truly test your patience. These fish are being caught in 60 to 80 feet of water mostly on the chunk, using calamar or cut bonito. This is by far a guarantee but when they show up it’s bat shit crazy. They don’t have many options to swim in so it’s like a fire drill as you run around the boat over and over.
This is also the season to start looking offshore for the schools of porpoise. Here again, this is a hero or zero kind of deal. The tuna associated with the dolphin are normally smaller 15-30lbs but when you find them it’s all rods bent.
We are also starting to see more striped Marlin. Mostly off the points of Cerralvo island. Trolling rigged ballyhoos or small to medium size Chuggers in blue and white or guacamaya colors are getting it done.
So far the wahoo are pretty much a no show. This is not a big surprise as it is still early and a bit chilly for these speedsters.
We have a few openings each week but filling quickly. As the season progresses we will have limited availability. So give us a call to guarantee a boat of your choice.
That’s it be well,
Keep the faith
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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