Goodbye November

La Paz Fishing Report / November 29th 2020

Weather & Bait

And thats the end of November. Tying flies while you’re having Flan. Thats a bad joke, sorry.
I thought we would see a down tick in crowd size due to COVID and the holidays but, at least here in Puerta Cortes it’s been pretty crazy. Not our typical hard core fishing groups but a lot of families that want to fish half day and explore a little. All in all seems to work for everyone. We are definitely into our winter season weather pattern. Strong winds from the North for 3-4 consecutive days then a few day break allowing us to get out and get some fishing done. The water conditions are changing just as fast. We still have pockets of blue water but they seem to come and go depending on the winds and upwellings.
Fortunately the days we can get out, the fishing has been pretty darn good with a wide variety of fish to choose from. The Wahoo bite although not as crazy as weeks past is still going on. Most of these fish are little dinks up to 15 lbs but, the occasional 50-60’s are still out there and will tear your gear up when you’re not expecting it. Rigged ballyhoos with trolling weights and Rapalas are enticing the skinnies to bite. Some days the bite will last a couple of hours and some day 30 minutes. It’s totally driven by the tides.

Fish Talk

We’ve had a lot of missed opportunities due to short bites on the ballyhoos. Even using a trap hook they keep biting it short many times you don’t even know it happened. We had two fish this week lost due to straightening the hooks on the Rapalas. They were not the 15 pounders.
Dorado are still moving around the islands and up and down the channel. Again most of these guys are small with larger fish mixed in. Fly lining sardines on the drift or slow trolling live bait are gettin it done.
Captain Rigo took a group out to Bajito this week for a half day charter. Knocking it out of the park with Dorado, wahoo and what I think is our season’s first tuna. The tuna wasn’t big just a football BUT, we haven’t seen these guys all year.
The groups that are at the Mag bay camp, which as you know is our 51’ Power Cat Pacifico had mixed results. Part due to the strong north winds keeping them pinned close to shore as well as we haven’t seen the big bait balls that are normally attract the famous numbers of striped Marlin and Wahoo to the area. That being said the Yellowtail and grouper are super thick Inshore and will wear your ass down in a heart beat.
The Whale shark activity is In full swing. As I said last week this is the time to do this as the water is not too cold yet and the visibility is still clear.
According to the news, California doesn’t seem to be getting better so our near term future is uncertain regarding tourism. On a brighter note it sounds like a vaccine is close, so we are anticipating a killer spring season. If you’re thinking of coming down for yellowtail season I wouldn’t hesitate to make reservations now.
Please stay healthy and safe
Keep the faith

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