Surprising June Fishing Report

The variety of fish is mind boggling. The rooster fish are still cruising up and down the beaches; off the rocky slides around the island, small to medium size Pargo and cabrilla are on the chew. In the deeper waters on the mounts it’s a mixed bag. Cubera snapper, Cabrilla, Almaco Jacks, Pargo Colorado and yellow. The sargasso paddies are still floating around, he sargasso paddies are still floating around.

Welcome to Summer Fishing Report

The seamounts at El Bajo are still holding a fair amount of AlmacoJacks and Cubera snapper as well as striped Marlin free jumping all around. 
The Dorado are pretty mixed in size from 10-35lb .
Inshore fishing is still ok. If your looking for Rooster
The rock slides around the island are holding small to medium Pargo and cabrilla. 
Inshore fishing is still ok. If your looking for Roosters.

Mid June Fishing Report

The Dorado are running in the 20-25lb class. Nice fish.
Striped Marlin are scattered all throughout the channel, from Espíritu Santos to Cerralvo island. The seamounts are still holding our spring time species. AmberJacks, Cubera snapper cabrilla and huachinango.

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