April 17th Fishing Report

There are plenty of yellowtail around the island and rocky points. They still seem to be moving around a lot so some days you find them right away and some days it’s like wack a mole.
The tuna that we’re feeding up around Punta Norte have seemed to vanish. That’s not uncommon for tuna this early in the season.

April 10th Fishing Report

The fishing in general is quite good. They seem to be moving around a lot more than normal. most of the normal yellowtail spots are close to each other so you just keep moving around until you find them. some paddies are starting to hold Dorado in the 20lb class. Bottom fishing has been especially good on the falling tide. Pin either a Mackerel or sardine with 4-6 oz of lead on any metered structure and you will find Cabrilla and Pargo in the 12-15 pound class eager to bite. Good news on the Tuna front. The north end of Cerralvo is giving up a few 150-200 lb class daily. It’s a hero or zero deal. But you’re patience will be rewarded if you’re willing to put in the time.

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