April 17th Fishing Report

La Paz Fishing Report / April 17th

Weather & Bait

Between spring break and Easter weekend the city is booming. During the days the beaches are completely full and night reservations are needed at most of the restaurants.
The weather is perfect with mid to high 80’s during the day with cooler nights and soft breezes.
Nothing has changed with our bait situation. There are plenty of the larger varieties of mackerel and Caballitos in the bay and sardines on the west side of Espíritu Santos, bait has been consistently available all year.


Fish Talk

Not much has changed either with the fishing. There are plenty of yellowtail around the island and rocky points. They still seem to be moving around a lot so some days you find them right away and some days it’s like wack a mole.
The larger concentration of fish do seem to be slightly smaller than the past weeks. Probably the biggest difference is, more fish feeding on the surface. Drifting or slow trolling live sardines or casting into boils is the most productive way. Last week we had boats back at the dock with limits by 11am. Again slightly smaller 12-15 lbs but great table fair. The cabrilla are getting ready to spawn as well. If you find a rocky spot holding fish you may end up with 3 or 4 fish in the 15 lb range.
The tuna that we’re feeding up around Punta Norte have seemed to vanish. That’s not uncommon for tuna this early in the season.
The water is still dirty as the currents continue to bring cold nutrient rich water up the depths.
This will start to change in the next few weeks as the water warms and the winds calm. Some reports of Dorado around the sargasso grass have been reported. If you find a paddie pitch some freebies out and wait to see if anybodies home.
All, and all the season seems to be progressing normally. It’s a great time to be in the Baja.
Keep the faith

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