Hello September

Weather & Bait


We are definitely in the heart of our Pelagic fishing season, as well as the heart of our hurricane season. So far we have been very fortunate regarding major storms as everything has moved north and West of us. That being said we have seen an increase in the thunderstorms ( Toritos ) in the past couple of weeks. These storms are storms are are not forecasted and pop up quickly. We had one hit early morning in the beginning of the week and a second one try to form on Sunday. A great tip is to look at the weather forecasts before you head out. If the makings for a “Torito” are there you should be able to see it in this site. 


Anyway enough about the weather. The water temps have been in the mid 80s with good clarity. Bait on the other hand has been a bit of a challenge. The bait suppliers are out every morning doing there thing and finding sardines. The problem is there’s more demand than supply. This week I have seen 8-10 boats lined up every morning waiting for bait usually means every boat gets something but not always enough.

Fish Talk


I highly recommend bringing a couple of slabs of squid with you. This is available at the office and works well for all species of fish, especially with a compliment of sardines.

The Dorado fishing has been incredible with the fish averaging 10-20lbs. They are literally everywhere from next to the Pemex tankers in the bay to Punta Norte.
There is no particular bait working better then another as we caught them on sardines, calimar and trolled ballyhoos.

On the Tuna front it’s been a good bite in the morning but quickly tapering off. These fish have been in the 60-80 lb range and 30 lb leader this is making the hook up to landing percentage a challenge.The need to be out early is most important. If tuna is your target let your captain now in advance. You will need calimar and most importantly be at the front of the line for sardines.

We had a few wahoo landed at Cerralvo trolling both purple marauders and double hook ballyhoos with wire from Bait masters. The Barred Pargo ( Mulato) have been eating the calimar on the rocky spots. These fish eat very well and there’s plenty to go around.

As we approach Fall this is traditionally our best fishing as well as premier weather. Please contact us for all your fishing and island adventure desires. Spots are filling up. Just a reminder we have a 51’ Motorcat being delivered late October early November. We are pre-booking island trips and multi day fishing adventures. Please contact the office for rates and availability.

Until next week,
Keep the faith