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La Paz Fishing Report / September 5th 2021

Weather & Bait

Luckily for us Hurricane Nora turned out to be a big nothingburger. Here in La Paz we had some breezy days, but no rain and no swell. Actually we were hoping for a little more wave action to help cool the water down a bit.
Really nothing much has changed here over the past few weeks. The air temperature is a little more tolerable, but the fishing hasn’t changed much.
Sardines are available at the usual spots and larger more desirable chihuil and Bolitos are on the seamounts.

Fish Talk

I hate to sound like a broken record but really not much has change. Dorado are being found under the buoys which now have been outfitted with palm fronds or just scattered offshore chasing schools of ballyhoos.
Some days are better than others but they are still all over the place.
Striped Marlin and Sailfish are mixed and plentiful in the channel between punta Coyote and Cerralvo island, and all the way down to Punta Gordo. Trolling lures, ballyhoos or site casting live baits to tailing fish is an insta bendo.
There are plenty of rooster fish off the beaches, if you’re looking for some exciting site casting or slow trolling live bait this is your chance.

I have heard reports of better wahoo activity on the south end of Cerralvo. I will personally go down this week to confirm. This is a long run for us but it’s within our daily range with our larger boats. So we will see.

Inshore there are plenty of Cabrilla, multiple species of Pargo and triggerfish. These are all excellent eating and a blast on lighter tackle.
Regarding the elusive tuna. We still have not seen any signs. They are starting to stack up south of us on a more consistent basis. Why they are not migrating north is unknown. This could happen in a matter of a few days, or not at all 🙁
 We are just about finished outfitting the Riviera for her voyage to Mag bay.
We will keep her there thru mid December. We do have some dates available for multi day trips. This is a fishing experience of a lifetime. You are literally living on top of the most prolific fishing grounds on the Baja. Inquire at our office for availability. If you’re looking for hard core fishing for Pelagic’s this is a must.
That’s it for the week.
Keep the faith
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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