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La Paz Fishing Report / August 29th 2021

Weather & Bait

The week ending the month of August honestly was somewhat disappointing.
As I said last week we are in the heart of our tropical storm season. This is due to many reasons but the most prominent reason is water temp. This past week we metered water temperature at 91 degrees. That’s almost Jacuzzi temperature. Even if the weather is perfect, at these temps the waters oxygen levels are so low it forces both the bait and sport fish to find more comfortable conditions.

Fish Talk

Regarding fishing not much has changed from last week as far as species just lower numbers.
A few Dorado a couple of billfish, all varieties of pargitos in the shallows. Not much else.
The good and bad news is we have a hurricane headed north straight up the sea of Cortez. Fortunately for us the storm seems to be closer to the mainland side sparing us from the brunt of it. Obviously this is not good news for the people and communities directly in the path. These are alway tough times especially for the smaller towns that lack infrastructure. Fingers crossed and our prayers for all in the path of hurricane Nora. As I said there may be a bright side to this. The storm will cause upwellings from the pacific that should bring cooler water as well as nutrient rich water from the depths creating more favorable conditions for the fish. Once things settle down fishing could be quite different. Currently the storm is forecasted to go by La Paz at 6am Tuesday morning. Normally the runoff from the rain around the arroyas should bring floating debris into the water that will act as FADS, “ fish attracting device” attracting bait and sport fish a like. So that’s the silver lining.
I’m sure the ports will be closed for a couple of days. If you have plans on going out just give the office a call regarding port and sea conditions.
All of our beach and island activities are running on schedule, at least until the ports are closed or we decide it’s not safe or comfortable so there are other fun things to do.
Just another reminder we are getting ready to send boats to Mag bay for the fall.
This is a fishing experience of a life time. If you have any interest or questions regarding this multi day live aboard fishing experience please call the office. We have limited room so this fills up quickly.
I’ll leave at that. We will keep you updated regarding weather conditions.
Please be safe and kind to others.
Keep the faith.
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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