October 24th Fishing Report

La Paz Fishing Report / October 24th 2021

Weather & Bait

There’s not much really to discuss. The weather is starting to change. With earlier than normal North winds blowing and a couple of days with a strong West blow which is very unusual. The water temperature is still a bit high in the mid 80’s. Hopefully this will cool down soon which should get those skinnies on the chew.
Bait still plentiful, sardines are around the Tecolote area and large schools of Bolitos are just outside the channel. We are actually finding more larger baits than sardines at the cleaning station in the Dorado.

Fish Talk

 Dorado are still the main targeted species. Depending on the wind direction will determine your fishing spots but they still seem to be scattered throughout the area.
The Bisbee tournament is now finished. This years purse was 9.8 mm with 198 boats. I believe only two qualified fish were boated.
With so many boats and the tournaments so close together I’m starting to wonder if the shear fishing pressure is not becoming the problem. It seems that fewer fish are caught each year. Just a thought.
The tuna action has picked back up south of us. Unfortunately it’s out of our range but there’s still a chance they can move North. It’s good news for the participants in the Tuna tournament next week in Cabo.
We are starting to see cooler water fish off the seamounts. Perhaps there’s a thermocline bringing the grouper and snapper into feed.

Updates of Magbay

We had a great week of weather followed by a few windy days.
The fishing is spectacular as always with Tuna, Wahoo and giant grouper of various species. November is booked solid so we should have some great reports to salivate over the next month.


That’s it for now,
Happy Halloween!

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