Spooktober! Fishing Report


La Paz Fishing Report / October 17th 2021

Weather & Bait

Early this week it was looking like we were going to catch another storm right on the nose. Fortunately last minute Hurricane Pamela made a hard right and went inland. So I guess lucky for us, but not for all. Except for higher than normal humidity and a little rain that was it for us.
We are still seeing large numbers of tourists coming in. Perhaps the US government hasn’t run out of money to give away so a lot of people are vacationing instead of working. God bless America.
Cabo has a lot going on this week with the Black and Blue and Bisbee’s tournaments. Good luck to everyone entered in those tournaments. If fishing is your gig it’s a super fun time down there right now. There are fishing gear vendors, fishing apparel and a lot of drinking. If you’re looking for tranquility come to La Paz, that’s our speed. 

Fish Talk

Fishing here in La Paz hasn’t changed much. We did have a couple of days after the storm where the bite was off a bit but, now the Dorado are back in force and seem to be getting bigger by the week. It’s still literally limits in minutes. Slow trolling sardines are all you need. Keep a hooked fish in the water and his buddies will just circle your boat. We’ve had four and five hook ups at once.
We are hoping the water temperature will start to cool down a few degrees, I thought the storm might push some cooler water up our way but, that didn’t seem to happen. A few degrees cooler should activate the Wahoo that are hanging around the seamounts. The Spearos can see them they are just being lazy and definitely not on the chew.
October is normally the month that bite turnes on, oh yeah this is spooktober, so let’s hope the only spooking happens above the surface.
We did catch a few tuna out at the Bajo, but they were just little guys. Great bait for Marlin but too small to keep for eating.
There have been reports of Sierra in front of Tecolote, trolling small Rapalas or anything shiny on light gear, they’re fun and great eating.
Tomorrow will be the end of our first charter at Mag bay. The reports so far haven’t been anything short of spectacular. Tuna, Wahoo Yellowtail and grouper. So that doesn’t suck.
Actually I will be fishing there next Wednesday/Thursday so I’ll be able to write about it from first hand experience next week. That doesn’t suck either.
That about does it for the week.
Be kind to all
Keep the faith,
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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