Freezing fish, and Ice cold Beers

La Paz Fishing Report / February 21st 2021

Weather & Bait

As I watched the freezing news about the winter storms in the US, I would just like to say what a great week to be in La Paz. It made me realize that 70 degrees and sunny feels pretty damn nice. We did have a few days of wind, but nothing un-fishable. The mornings are cool so you will need a hoodie or something light. The afternoons are just incredible, make sure to bring your sunscreen, and for all of those thinking of taking a Cancún vacation anytime soon, we confidently suggest Baja as a more low key, and blunder free destination.
The water temperature is 65-68 degrees with low visibility. Most days bait has been easy to make. No more then 15 minutes and your done. If you find yourselves struggling don’t give up It’s much better to have bait then to not. Usually you can find some amigos on the fishing grounds with extra, most folks won’t mind passing a few off to you for a big gracias.
This week’s fishing was similar to last. We have a rising tide in the morning. This bite has been best on the deeper seamounts starting with a surface bite slow trolling mackerel or Caballitos. The hook up to land in percentage is higher with this technique due to the fact your not fishing within close to the bottom getting rocked.

Fish Talk

By late morning the tide changes to a descending tide causing the fish to move to seamounts in shallower water and feeding on the bottom This is when you need your big boy panties on. When you get bit and you will, you don’t have time to mess around it’s game on, thumbs on the spool and focus. The first 5 minutes will determine whether you’re successful or just another story about the one that got away. I found that no leader was necessary, straight line 50 lb mono with a 2-3* hook was just fine. We had much better fishing this week on the jig as well. #6 salas blue and white or scrambled egg. This worked better in the afternoon as the fish hung deeper in the water column.
Again the early morning bite seemed to be smaller fish 10-20lbs the big dawgs bit in the early afternoon 30-40lbs. We had a nice variety of Pargo and Cabrilla mixed in, topping off the coolers.
The whales are in so it’s not uncommon for a couple of these behemoths to swing by and give you a proper Baja howdy.
The honorable mention this week goes out to the Spearfishing crew, since they braved the coldest water temps of the year and not the greatest visibility to go and snag a few yellowtail of their own, giving the boat charters a bang for their buck, since this is still a bit early for the spearfishing extravaganzas that the Pistoleros Del Mar crew are known for in the springtime season,.
The fishing pressure is light as the crowds are as well. I’m guessing with everything from COVID, travel restrictions, record storms hell perhaps the locust are coming next who knows. I did travel to the states this week and honestly it wasn’t a big deal at all. I had to get a Covid test to leave, they did it right there in Puerta Cortes. It took 5 minutes and they email you the results within 2 hours; Other than that flying back was no different than any other time. Actually it’s easier with the new flights on American Airlines to either Dallas or Phoenix direct from LAP.

Looking forward we are anticipating a great spring yellowtail season. We are starting to book up March on both the daily trips and multi day trips on the Power Cat Pacifico. If you have any questions or interest in fishing this spring I would get on it. We will sell out the spring break and easter season.

Anyway we look forward to seeing you.
Stay healthy and safe.
Keep the faith

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