Where to Eat In La Paz ?

Our top 5 favorite places to eat in La Paz

Over the years we’ve accumulated many interesting questions and of course the answers have become a staple in our day to day interactions with clients. However, the most frequently asked is not related to wildlife, boat specs or the history of the region… Local cuisine has always been enticing enough for travelers to know the capital city of Baja California Sur one bite at a time, which is why we’re happy to share our top 5 places to eat in La Paz with all of our readers; Make sure to swipe on the photos and tap on the title of each restaurant, you will be taken to their instagram profile so you can follow !

#1 Azul Marino

Located right behind our headquarters, Azul is the go-to choice for anglers who want to enjoy their catch straight off the dock, just walk past our office, get a table and enjoy a cold beer while your captain cleans the fish to the specifications of the Chef. Typically a Mediterranean fusion restaurant, their head chef Cristina Kiewek is a devout angler herself and her team knows how to properly handle your fish and turn it into a variety of entrees and main dishes with a Mexican touch on the well balanced and healthy ingredients that make up most of their recipes, some of which, have even inspired what we serve on our tours over the years.

-Pros: It’s right by our office and they have been working with our fish for years. Trust is an understatement.

-Cons: The view overlooking the marina can be distracting, especially during the sunset “golden” hour.

-Dishes we love: Fish Tartar, Callo (Scallop) Carpaccio & Catch of the Day

#2 McFisher

Although there aren’t many surf breaks in La Paz, Mirsha Macklis has embedded the surf vibes in the murals of his restaurant and in many of the dishes in the menu, and is himself hosting, serving and even behind the grill depending on how busy the day is. Both fresh and fried dishes make this culinary stop a truly local lunch experience. Whether you’re coming back from a surf session or a snorkeling trip, McFisher will nourish your belly and your soul with the hearty soups, fresh appetizers and finger-licking fish tacos and burritos that you cannot miss while you’re in La Paz.

– Pros: The ambiance is quaint, local and the kitchen is in plain view of the seating area.

– Cons: This place is always packed, make sure to call in and book a table.

– Dishes we love: Imperial Burrito, Fishball Soup, Aguachile Mixto & Octopus Molote

#3 Marinera Poke & Seafood

Coming up next, the next-door neighbor to McFisher, is a new gastronomical trend setter, run by Chef Fernanda Orona, who wakes up before dawn to go get the catch of the day herself and bring it back from her #1 to her #2 happy place, her kitchen. Her take on fresh fish is inspired by Asian-style cuisine and having the freshest ingredients on hand, delivering fresh, light and delicious entrees and marvelous tacos and tostadas. It is well known that humans eat with their eyes, and Marinera will have your mouth watering at first sight.

– Pros: Their wine selection and the cocktail menu are exquisitely unique.

– Cons: It’s so cozy and chill that you might see yourself spending 2 or 3 hours in there.

– Dishes we love: Mango Sashimi, Tostada Capitana, Poke Bowls & Gyozas.

#4 El Mangle Tacos y Mariscos

You can think of el Mangle as another non-touristy Taco joint, but it’s safe to say that even if it lacks the pretty view of Azul, or the local kitchen feel of McFisher, El Mangle will deliver new takes on traditional preparations to your table. Whether it’s a raw dish or a cooked meal, their unique sauces and seasonings make this place a memorable stop in La Paz, that your palateand  belly will remember for years to come. 

-Pros: Small, quiet and friendly joint, fresh “aguas frescas” and cold beers.

-Cons: It’s a bit further away from the downtown area, but it’s a perfect stop before or after the airport.

-Dishes we love: Ceviche “El Mangle”, Octopus Shot & Almohadita de Pescado.

# 5 NIM

As always, the last doesn’t necessarily mean the least, especially  in the case of NIM. It is run by Margarita Kiewek, creating this interesting sisterhood of both Chefs and restaurants between Azul Marino and NIM. Neither is exclusive to seafood, which is why this is a great option to wine and dine with family or friends, even if they don’t love seafood themselves. Nonetheless, the traditional takes on the Mexican kitchen are more present and tasty in every dish and cocktail, making the overall experience at NIM something that you just can’t miss when you’re in La Paz especially if you’re not making the jump over to the mainland part of México.

– Pros: You can taste traditional mexican dishes without leaving Baja.

– Cons: You risk not wanting to go anywhere else for dinner once you’ve had a taste of NIM.

– Dishes we love: Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio, Pollo con Mole & Seafood Cannelloni.

There are many other great options for breakfast lunch and dinner which are not included in this list, but we decided to get started with our favorite fish & seafood restaurants, perahps on the next list we will cover some other important and must-try options to delight your senses on your next visit to La Paz. Until then, Buen Provecho! 

Picture of Gonzalo Mata

Gonzalo Mata

Gonzalo Mata is the co-founder of Baja Adventure Co., with a deep love for the ocean and the great outdoors. His passion for photography and exploring the world is matched only by his enthusiasm for catching big fish.

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