So long February, Hello March !

La Paz Fishing Report / February 28th 2021

Weather & Bait

As we know February’s weather is usually unpredictable. And this year has been true to form. Cold days and strong winds have been the lions share of our days. That being said, knock on wood we have a string of day time temps in the mid 80s and diminishing winds. Normally as the winds lay down the crowds will start to pick up. 
Also Baja Sur has lowered the Covid advisory from a 5 to 3. This is great news. This will allow the restaurant and bars to increase their capacity significantly. Bottom line fewer cases much safer conditions. Spring is definitely poking her nose around he corner. Water temperatures haven’t changed much, 65-68 degrees and pretty murky, but that’s not to stop the spearos who continued to bag multiple yellowtail through this week.

Fish Talk

Sounds like yellowtail conditions to me. Mackerel and Caballitos are in the bay, but they’re on the move. Perhaps the sea lions or maybe the yellowtail keep them from hanging in the same spot. Some days they’re easy and some days it takes a little more work, but you gotta do it.
The fish seem to be settling in on the seamounts north of the islands. Regarding technique not much has changed. We’re having a great morning surface bite. 40-50lb fluorocarbon leaders with a small to medium size mack slow trolling 1.5 knots is getting bit. Some mornings you can’t even get your bait 50 ft behind the boat before your bit. The afternoons the fish go deep. These fish seem to be larger so save your larger baits for later. Use the same setup but add 4-6oz of lead 20 ft up the line, a rubber band works best. If you have a down rigger you will definitely out fish the other boats.
Most boats are coming back with limits or close to limits. Sometime before lunch.
On the top of the seamounts 60-100ft we are picking up some real nice Pargo (multiple species) and Cabrilla pushing 18 lbs.
The sea lions have been hanging around lately waiting for freebies. When this happens wind up and move to another spot. They’ll generally find someone else to mess with and leave you alone.
The season started off with a bang and has only gotten better. So now I guess it’s a boom.
For those of you coming from the cold bring you sun screen, the only thing we have that’s cold is our beer. Next weeks weather 82-86 degrees all week, so stay tuned and stay tan.
Be safe stay healthy and
Keep the faith
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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