August is here!

La Paz Fishing Report / August 1st 2021

COVID Update

With Mexico basically the only country open for tourism , our crowds have been good. We do have new limitations on capacity and a few other things but nothing major. Fortunately the local government meets once a week and decides based on real time concerns what the protocol will be. It’s hard to say what the near term future has in store with the new variants of COVID but for now the border access is pretty easy.

Weather & Bait

The weather is normal summer, hotter then s__t with day time temps in the low 100’s with evening temps in the high 70’s.
Nothing has changed with regards to bait. Sardines, caballito are plentiful and for sale on the way out. Super convenient. Chihuil and Bolitos are on the seamounts and easily made assuming you or your captain has some Viena, the bloodline from yesterday’s catch.
The water conditions are just perfect. 83-86 degrees and clear dark blue. Great visibility, super helpful for the Spearos.

Fish Talk

The main game is Dorado. They are pretty much spread out everywhere from the bay just outside the marina to San Juan de la costa.
The word travels quickly here in La Paz so when there’s a congregation of fish or floating debris it’s like fishing at a boat show. A great strategy is run and gun. Hit as many buoys, current lines sargasso paddies as fast as possible and try and stay ahead of the pack. The quality of the dorado this year is quite impressive, 30-40 lb fish are not uncommon. Small lures or pitching sardines to floating structure is the gig.
I wish I could say the same for tuna and wahoo. We should start seeing a more consistent bite on both of these species as we roll into August. Since the Dorados are so close and plentiful most guest have been targeting them, so last week I made two trips looking for other pelagic species with limited success. I will continue doing this until we find something or I run out of gas:(
Inshore fishing for Pargitos and Cabrilla triggerfish make for a fun afternoon especially if you have younger or less experience anglers looking to improve their skills as well as excellent eating.
Striped Marlin are in the mix. Some days they seem to be more aggressive than others but, if that’s what your fishing for you will be rewarded. Lures and ballyhoo with an islander skirts will get their attention. Basically we are in a holding pattern waiting for the larger Pelagic’s to come North.
The sand is hot but the beer is cold so come on down and relax Baja style.
Keep the faith

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