Amberjacks are back!


La Paz Fishing Report / April 11th 2021


It feels like summer wants to break through but spring conditions are holding fast. The winds were mixed all week with a couple of days of coromuels our Summer south west wind, turning to a north blow which is our winter trade wind. My guess by the end of April the weather conditions should stabilize and summer will prevail. The water is definitely on a warming trend with pockets of blue water starting to settle in. As long as the currents behave it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Fish Talk

The yellowtail are still around. Some days it’s wide open and some days total lock jaw. As the water conditions continue to warm they will start heading off to deeper water. As I mentioned last week we are keeping and eye out for the AmberJacks. Well they started to show off the North end of Cerralvo following the ridge around 180ft. Down rigging Macks and caballitos are enticing the bite. These fish are a bit on the smaller size 15-25 lbs , but it’s still early. The big guys usually start to show the end of April thru May.

Each week we are noticing more sargasso patties. With so many sardines in the area I would not pass up on anything larger then a couple of feet round. This will be the first stop for the Dorado. We haven’t seen anymore Tuna since a couple of weeks ago but there are plenty of the white Bonito which make great table fare.

Our guest that fished inshore had no problem picking up smaller Cabrilla and snapper and a couple of Roosters as a bonus. That season should be starting anytime as well. The conditions are looking good. If the bait stays in place we are anticipating a great season.
Our charters are booking quickly, we didn’t get to do the sportsmanship shows again this year due to COVID so it’s first come first serve. We did add a new 41’ Riviera sport fish to our fleet which will allow more range and comfortability not to mention our second boat that can accommodate multiple day fishing trips.
Fingers crossed for a great season to come…
Stay safe.
Keep the faith
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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