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La Paz Fishing Report / JULY 6th 2020

Where do I start?
Let’s begin with the COVID policies of the week. The beaches are now closed until further notice as well as the Malecon. The restaurants are still open and and offer both limited inside as well as patio and takeout dining. All retail stores are open and alcohol is a available.
Overall La Paz is doing pretty well with compliance. Everyone is wearing masks and all open businesses have attended safety protocol classes and seem to be adhering to them. Fishing is open with limitations as to how many people are allowed in each boat. Example a 26’-30’ boat is allowed to have 3 anglers and 2 crew, 31’-35’ are allowed 5 anglers and 2 crew. Seems pretty normal.


We are definitely into our summer weather. Warm breezy mornings turning into hot afternoons with light evening breezes cooling things down a bit in time to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Bait is abundant, there is plenty of mackerel in the bay and sardines are available around Tecolote.
The water conditions have been a little unstable. We’ve had a couple of upwellings causing the water to turn over in some places. Fortunately these conditions only last a few days clearing up to nice blue warm water. The temperature range is between 79-84 degrees.
Just around the corner from punta coyote to los cruces the water is full of sargasso patties. These floating structures are loaded with Dorado ranging from 10-35 pounds. Slow trolling sardines around the paddies is a guaranteed fish with boats limited out within a couple of hours.
On the seamounts there is a strong thermocline around 50 deep. The water temperature difference is so large you can pick it up on your depth sounder. Due to this event, this structure is holding large AmberJacks 45 pound class as well as large Cubera snapper, cabrilla and a few yellowtail to round out an incredible day of fishing.
Offshore where the water conditions are much more favorable there are plenty of Bill fish. 3-4 Stripers per day is not uncommon. Last week a local pangero had a 200 lb Blue marlin get tangled in his anchor line, picture to follow. What’s the odds?
All in all fishing is developing nicely. We are expecting the tuna to show anytime as we are receiving reports of tuna traveling under the porpoises and a few being caught here and there.
We understand things are a little crazy right now and the news reports aren’t very encouraging but, once you arrive here the smell of the ocean and margarita in hand it all melts away.
We hope to see you soon.

Please take care of yourselves and be good to others in these trying times.

Keep the faith
Great Mahi Mahi fishing at La Paz

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