May 22nd! Fishing Report

La Paz Fishing Report / May 22nd

Weather & Bait

We still have heavy crowds and full flights coming into LaPaz. The resorts and restaurants are pretty full and our fleet is sold out most days.
The weather changed back to cold windy morning with warm calm afternoons.
Our warm calmer conditions are over due so hopefully this will be the end of it.
Bait is very plentiful, with Mack’s and caballitos available in the bay. You can fill your bait tank in about 15 minutes. Sardines are available for sale on the way out to the fishing grounds.
The water is definitely starting to stabilize. Warmer water around 75 degrees is both in and offshore. The water offshore is starting to clear up, inshore it’s still a little off color.

Fish Talk


Early morning Rooster are feeding around the beaches on large schools of mullet. This is mostly site fishing, casting live bait to breezing fish producing Roosters and Jack Crevalle to 50lbs. These are both sport fish catch and release, not much eating quality.
The yellowtail are still scattered around. Definitely fewer then last week and assorted sizes from 10-35lbs. This won’t last much longer as they departure is over due. The seamounts and rocky spots, are starting to load up with AmberJacks. This is the normal transition. Fishing for these brutes is pretty much the same as yellowtail. Slow trolling with down riggers or drifting live bait with 4-6oz weights. These fish are very tough to keep out of the rocks, so don’t get discouraged. Your hook up to landing ratio will speak for itself.
Inshore around the island has been pretty consistent with medium size cabrilla and Pargo. Match your tackle to these fish and have a blast. All these fish are excellent eating and freeze well if your taking fish home.
A few Dorado are being caught daily. Mostly on sardines on the troll or drift.
This should continue to pick up as the water conditions improve.
A few wahoo are being caught on the south end of Cerralvo. The fish count and size don’t warrant the long drive down there. We will keep an eye on this as they start to move North and put on a few pounds.
Haven’t seen many Marlin as of yet, there seems to be plenty of food out there, perhaps they’re not far off.
That’s about it for the week, overall fish has been good.
Our Mag bay trip booked up so quickly that we are considering bringing another boat for the October/November season. If you have any interest in this please inquire at the office. We probably won’t decide until we feel we have enough charter days booked to warrant another boat. So let us know.
Keep the faith


Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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