March Mahi Madness

La Paz Fishing Report / Sunday March 1st 2020

Weather & Bait

March is here and the Mahi Madness is already underway. Well, as predicted we had a pretty rough start. The wind blew like crazy the first half of the week, strong enough for the port captain to close the port for a couple days. As we got closer to the end of the week the weather definitely improved as did the fishing.

The water temperature is all over the place, we found 64.5 degrees we found 75 degrees. This has to be unsettling to the fish, causing them to continue to move around. Hopefully the temps will stabilize soon allowing the fish to find their preferred spots to hang, feed and breed.
Bait is still abundant in the bay both mackerel and sardine.

Fish Talk

The yellowtail are starting to make a show in the normal rocky high spots, anyplace with a little structure will attract these Moss backs. These fish are mixed with Cabrilla and Pargo and of course the ever so pesky Trigger fish. If you pick the right spot you will be rewarded. The challenge is as I said earlier these fish just haven’t settled in yet so it’s day to day on any given spot. The Cabrilla are starting to pack on the pounds as they get into spawning mode. We had a couple this week close to 20lbs. The seamounts are holding an unusual amount of the Pacific white bonito. They fight great and are quite tasty.

We have reports from north of here around the South Reef or some call it the 109 spot that the yellowtail are super thick. This is definitely out of range for a day trip but a good sign that the fish should start moving down any day now.

The big story is the Dorado, they are literally everywhere in the bay. These fish aren’t huge but there definitely respectable, ranging from 8-20lbs. This week we had guest just fish Dorado. Five minute boat ride to the fish, pick up their limits catch and release a few for the fun of it and return for lunch in the marina. If you match your tackle to the fish these guys are a hoot, and great eating.
That’s about It for now, as we approach spring the weather and water will stabilize and so should the fishing.

What's Next

Only six more days before our new 51’ leopard power cat arrives. We will post pics when she gets here. Her first charter, maiden voyage is March 15th. Very exciting.

Until next week,
Keep the faith


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