March Madness Continues (again)

La Paz Fishing Report / March 14th 2021

Weather & Visitors

As I sit writing this weeks report, we are having our 3rd day in a row of strong north winds. Pretty typical of this time of year. That being said Sunday through Wednesday were absolutely incredible. Again pretty typical of this time of year.
The water temperature is starting to warm up a little reaching as high as 70 degrees in some places. The water is still extremely green with poor visibility. The crowds seem to be picking up with the start of spring break. We picked up a few groups at the La Paz airport this week with the most people I have seen in a while. It looks like the American Airlines flights are really picking up steam.

Fish Talk

Regarding the bite, it was up and down. The typical yellowtail spots close to home have seemed to thin out. Perhaps the water conditions or the food source changed, not sure. A few weeks ago you could almost row a boat and find the fish, not so much now. We did find large schools of yellowtail on the northern seamounts, bajo seca and the east side of Cerralvo Island
The fish are definitely stacked up but, the bite is just real inconsistent; One day they’re on the surface the next day they’re deep or they will only hit on sardine and right back to mackerel only. The one thing that’s for sure is there is a tonnage of fish out there. As I said last week we had a group on a 4 day long range trip that went out as far as Las Animas. They had ten fish days and two fish days, but regardless of their success they saw hundreds of fish either on the surface or on the depth sounder. 
The group based the power cat Pacifico in “La Partida” and fished the northern waters from there, cutting their daily run in half. This allowed them to be the first boat on the grounds and staying long after all the other boats went home. Huge advantage, not to mention an incredible adventure. By the looks of the fish at the cleaning table these fish are ready to spawn perhaps the next full moon. Usually after the spawn the yellowtail go on a wide open bite before moving on to deeper waters. So get ready for that. I guess what I’m saying if you go out one day it could be hero or zero but if you string a couple of days together you will fill your coolers.
When I spoke to a couple of commercial fisherman that told me there are so many yellowtail that there’s no market for them so they have switched over to Cabrilla and Huachinango to make their pay It’s safe to say that they are in abundance and have been increasing in size too.
The Sargassum grass is starting to build up around the current lines. This is a good sign. As the water continues to warm the Dorado normally come in and seek out the bait fish hiding underneath. Summer is just around the corner.
Bookings are ramping up quickly, it seems like people are finally getting vaccinated and are tired of sitting around. Don’t hesitate the season is developing nicely. We are looking forward to a great year.
That’s the week
Stay safe
Keep the faith

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