March 27th Fishing Report

La Paz Fishing Report / MArch 27th 2022

Weather & Bait

First I would like to apologize for missing the last couple of reports. Unfortunately I was in the States having some medical work being done. 



Fortunately all is good and clear sailing from here.




The city is hopping, heavy crowds cruising the malecón, the restaurants are full and the weather is just incredible. As I sit and write this 



report it is sunny 94 degrees with a whisper of wind.




The water conditions are still spring like but definitely warming up. Yesterday we metered 69-73 degrees surface temps with port visibility.



Bait has been a little challenging. You can buy sardines from the pangeros up by the Island. These are nice baits and definitely better then 



nothing but I would recommend larger baits like Mackerel and Caballito for the yellowtail and AmberJacks which are the main targeted 



species for this time of year.




Now that the moon is getting smaller these baits should start schooling up again back in the bay. Your best bet is to ask your Captain to 



arrange these baits the day before since they’re much easier to be caught at night.

Fish Talk

Most of the boats are targeting the traditional yellowtail spots. The seamounts have been on fire one day and fair the next. The one thing 


you can count on is 40-50 boats all crammed together. Friday you could literally hop from one boat to the next. Personally when it gets like 


that I’d rather peal off and find my own spot which are many and have a much better and more relaxing day of fishing. Normally you will 


catch more fish without all that fishing pressure anyway.




Most of the traditional spots both North and South are holding fish, the better bites seem to be the falling tides. You can Google the tide 


chart for any day to help pick the best times to fish.



The yellowtail are mixed in with both Cabrilla and Pargo and pacific white Bonito.


In addition there has been schools of Dorado paddie hopping around the island. This is the time of year when the Sargasso grass starts to 


break free from the bottom creating natural FAD’s. As the water continues to warm up fishing these paddies will become much more 





I heard a rumor of some tuna in the 30-60 kilo range. I will be on the water tomorrow to look for and determine whether this is true or BS.


Anyway the overall takeaway is the fishing is good the weather is incredible.


There is absolutely no reason not to be here.




Hope to see you soon


Keep the faith




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