April 3rd Fishing Report


La Paz Fishing Report / April 3rd

Weather & Bait

Spring is definitely here and doing what it’s supposed to do. Knock down these strong chilly North winds and start warming the water. Both are happening.
Bait is available, sardines on the west side of Espíritu Santos and mackerel and Caballito in the bay. Both are working well my preference being the larger baits.
Friday I went out just to validate what our captains were reporting, really I just wanted to go fishing. I headed up to the seamount El Bajo. The water temperature is 70 degrees and still really green. We were metering large schools of fish suspended from 60-100 feet in 150 feet of water.

Fish Talk

So I decided to slow troll a down rigger at 100 feet a bait with a 4 oz weight and one bait on the surface. I figured by covering all the bases I could quickly determine their feeding pattern. After 15 minutes of trolling all 3 rods went off for a triple at all different depths. So I guess it doesn’t really matter, it was pretty wide open. I saw boats anchored on the high spot of the seamount chumming sardines with yellowtail boiling all around them. Casting live baits or artificial swim baits into the boils was automatic bendo.
We limited out and headed back to the marina by noon and had lunch.
We also have Cabrilla and large Pargo mixed in. These fish are still pre spawn so I’m guessing we have a few more weeks of this before they move on to cooler waters.
Sargasso grass is starting to build up nicely and shouldn’t be passed up. If you see a paddie on the way to your destination slow down and pitch a couple sardines. If anybody’s home you’ll know in seconds.
Normally after the yellowtail move out we start getting into their larger cousins the brutal Pez Fuerte. These AmberJacks will push 80 lbs and eat your lunch if your not paying attention. More are lost in the rocks than landed.
Anyway that’s the deal.
Be safe and kind to each other
Keep the faith
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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