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Ending Liveaboard season with a bang

 Our first year live aboard trips were a success, plenty of fish, good weather, great food and good company. 

The temperatures this year dropped a bit earlier than other years and that changed the fishing a bit. The famous marlin feeding on bait balls that had been plenty-full during October slowed down and moved south during November. Once encountered, either with a or a rod there was lots of action on this so called Mexican sardine run. Our last trip encountered these bait balls about 50-70 miles south of Magdalena Bay

On the high spots we had some amazing wahoo fishing days, most of these fish were healthy 30-50 pounders. Both spearfishermen and rod and reel we got plenty wahoo on the boat, through the vacuum packing machine and into the freezer before being taken back home.

The yellowtail bite was epic, and still is. Most of the fish were great eating 15-20 pounders and with a couple 30-40 pounders mixed in. Most of this action was on live bait and some jigging, same with the groupers that have been around in good numbers, amazing to see this healthy reef fishery. 

On our last trip we headed south and fished for tuna, we landed a beautiful 300+ pounder on the very last day and medium tackle that put the hurts on the crew but was a great fish to put on the deck to wrap up the season.

Since we started 10 years ago with a zodiac boat and a couple of spearguns, we are now seeing all of our wildest dreams come into fruition, and it’s all because of being entrusted year after year by our clients to keep raising the bar of epic adventures. We’re tremendously grateful for having such a great crew.


On behalf of all of the Baja Adventure Company crew:

Gracias !


Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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