Christmas Came Early !

La Paz Fishing Report / December 13th 2020

Weather & Bait

 With light crowds and mostly windy days I write this from the comfort of my couch. Conditions are changing rapidly. The water in most places is off color and 73 degrees, cool mornings giving way to warm afternoons. Sardines are still available as well as we are starting to see the mackerel and Caballitos back in the bay. A few anglers are still fishing for Pelagic’s, and picking up the stragglers that haven’t started their migration. It’s looking like we are going to have another winter of Dorado fishing in the bay. These fish aren’t big but, fun to catch on light gear and a nice break from the winter cold and wind. A few Wahoo are being pulled off the seamounts and drop offs around the islands and occasional free jumping Marlin are still seen from time to time. The seasons first yellowtail was boated this week jigging the rocky spots off the south end of Espíritu Santos. With the water temps cooling quickly I’m anticipating an early arrival and strong Yellowtail season.

Fish Talk

We just wrapped up our Mag Bay Season. This multi day fishing adventure is a must if epic hardcore fishing runs thru your veins. Grouper over 80lbs, monster Yellowtail chewing the iron and Cubera snapper that you could barley lift. As most of you probably know this is Wahoo country and this season was no disappointment. More times then not you will get a quadruple hook on each pass. I have never in my life seen so many straighten hooks shredded wire and lures completely destroyed. And then on the last charter of the season we found the cows. Tuna pushing and some exceeding 300lbs on the chunk, add a double hook up on 60lb floro and it’s endless hours of complete mayhem.

With that I’ll sadly say so long to another season. Incredible memories of successful catches and painful defeats, great stories, tequila and cold beer. Fortunately in southern Baja our off season is short. While our guests are enjoying themselves swimming with the whale sharks or watching the sea lions our captains are spending some time with their families, cleaning the boats and preparing the tackle for next year’s season. Happy holidays to everyone and thank you for great year. We at Baco really appreciate your support during very challenging times. We hope to see you back soon.Hot days and cold Beer. SaludosKeep the faithScotto and the entire Baco family

Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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