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Catching Wahoo in La Paz

La Paz Fishing Report / JULY 24th 2020

As we progress into summer, the days are hot with the humidity starting to climb. The Tropical storms that start to become more frequent this time of year are still passing far to the West and north of us. Tourism is a little hard to figure out, perhaps due to news reports on the COVID front, one week it’s crazy busy and the next much slower.
Water conditions are just as confusing. Inshore the water is 75 degrees and green. This is completely unheard-of for being almost August. On the other hand 20 miles offshore we found the water to be much warmer 86 degrees and Blue.

The beginning of the week we had charters head north up to the seamounts and a few actually go a little further. These were mostly spearfishing groups that found massive schools of AmberJacks. These fish normally start to exit by now but due to a very extreme thermocline and large amounts of food these guys are going nowhere. Each boat caught their limits of 35-90lb brutes. The same areas are also holding very large Cubera snapper.

Guests are having no problem with bait. Schools of off Tecolote are in record numbers and size.
In the last couple of weeks we had miles of sargasso grass along the shore lines from Punta Coyote to Los cruces. This became home for literally thousands of Dorado. As of yesterday there was only a patch here and there. I think the sea turtles made short work of that.
Regarding fishing to sum it up in one word, excellent. Not only is the quality and quantity off the charts. Never in my 30 years of fishing the Baja have I witnessed such variety. Starting with the northern fishing, the seamounts are holding world-class AmberJacks. Boats are coming in with limits of these brutes ranging from 40-90 lbs as well as Cubera snapper that if your lucky to land one or two they are tipping the scales around 50 lbs.

Much closer to home we are finding yellowtail in record numbers. These fish are not huge 10-15 lbs but some limits are being caught before noon. Mixed in the yellowtail frenzy Cabrilla and Pargo were plentiful. Fishing a 3 oz weight or down rigging sardines are getting bit within minutes, literally.
We had a couple fly fishing groups this week targeting Rooster fish. Fishing 10 weight fly rods with streamers in the shallows off the beaches was the ticket. Fish in excess of 50 lbs and hour long battles had our guest exhausted by afternoon.

Offshore fishing the ridge around Cerralvo the Spearo’s are having success shooting Wahoo. One of our guides witnessed a wahoo estimated around 100lbs. Unfortunately he couldn’t get a shot off. The tuna still haven’t settled in our local areas yet, probably due to water conditions. The tuna are running with the schools of porpoises offshore.The risk with that is, it’s an all or nothing day. Either you find them or you don’t. Most of this action is outside of the 88 bank. This area although accessible for most of our fleet is a long boat ride with only a few hours of fishing. It’s either hero or zero.
Strip marlin are around from Punta Coyote to punta Norte, the north end of Cerralvo island, trolling medium plastic lures or site casting caballitos are getting the job done.

We are constantly monitoring the travel restrictions. As it gets updated we will pass along the information.
All in all the fishing is great and the weather is spectacular.
If you have a chance or need a break from the craziness of the new normal, come on down. Our fleet is ready and the fish are hungry.

That’s it for the week
Stay safe and healthy
Keep the faith

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