Hot August

La Paz Fishing Report / August 15th 2021

Weather & Bait

Hot and humid, that’s August and September here in south Baja. Afternoon thundershowers, some pretty intense are rapidly turning the brown dry desert into a lush green landscape.
Lucky for us since we spend most of our time on the water, we get some relief from the heat. And no question the occasional dip in the ocean between fish is a real bonus.
Over all the water conditions are perfect. Some areas inshore are still a little green but, it doesn’t seem to be effecting the fishing.
Sardines are available just outside the marina and plentiful.

Fish Talk

Starting with the inshore fishing the Cubera, Mulato and Pargo Colorado are plentiful and consistent. The Cubera Snapper are running 20-40lbs and will put the wood to you if your not prepared. The hook up to landing percentage is low as they will rock you before you know what’s happening. These are all great eating and you can fill your cooler in a day. The majority of this style fishing is on the chunk on top of the seamounts.
If Rooster fish is on your bucket list you’re in luck. Normally they are rare caught in the summer but this year that’s not the case. Slow trolling large baits or site casting poppers on the transition line between the sandy beaches and rocky areas are where these brutes are feeding.
Along the coastline around the island or on the buoys are chalk full of Dorado, striped Marlin and sails. We found slow trolling Bonito belly strips to be the best bet for all three species. Using a trap hook will increase your hook up percentage and the strips of Bonito seem to discourage the pesky needle fish from attacking your baits and chewing up your line.
Before the rain last week we had large schools of Dorado in the bay mostly around the tankers and cruise ships. This bite has slowed after the big rain on Wednesday. Perhaps all the muddy run off that entered the water had something to do with that. That being said the dorado fishing elsewhere is becoming more consistent in the 15-20lb range.
Offshore is a bit of a mystery. All the conditions are perfect. There’s plenty of natural bait, flying fish, Bolitos and Chuhuil breezing everywhere.
Large schools of spinner dolphin are 20-30 miles outside well within range. Unfortunately the Pelagic’s are missing in action. We keep running exploratory trips but so far we’re not finding much.
I keep saying any day now, so I’ll say keep any day now. I’ve heard some changes are on deck to limit the large commercial fishing boats. I hope this happens. I truly believe this is impacting the amount of migrating Pelagic’s from making their way North. Southern California is a perfect example, by limiting the commercial boats from wrapping up the entire school of fish and strict limit enforcement for sport fishing they now have a very consistent annual run of Bluefin tuna.
I’ve definitely noticed more regulation from CONAPESCA checking licenses and limits from the sport fishing boats. This is a good thing so watch you limits.

MagBay Fishing Live aboard

We are only about month away from sending part of our fleet up to Mag bay for the fall fishing. This is by far the most incredible fishing experience anybody has to offer. From a large variety of giant grouper to epic Wahoo and yellowfin tuna. As the weather starts to cool off the annual migration of the pacific greenback mackerel start moving down the ridge attracting huge schools of Striped Marlin. Double digit days of catch and release Marlin action is a daily event.
Our trips start in October thru December. Please contact our office if this once in a lifetime fishing experience interest you. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.
I just received news of significant schools of tuna showing up around 60 miles south of us. This is the first real run for the year. These fish are running from footballs to 50lbs. This is great news, 60 miles in the tuna world is nothing and could mean ANY DAY NOW.
We will keep you posted on this new development.
That’s it for the week.
Keep the faith
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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