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La Paz Fishing Report / April 25th 2021


As we say adios to April, I can honestly say we’ve had solid spring fishing. Everybody’s coming back with fish and going home with full coolers. For me this is the hardest time to write a fish report. Not because fishing is poor, it is not, fishing is great, but there’s just not much change.
The water is slowing warming. It’s still off color but that will change in due time.
Bait is widely available both large baits macks and cabs and sardines.

Fish Talk

Yellowtail are still be caught on the seamounts and other rocky spots which have been holding them all season. Both live bait and jigs are getting it done. The spawn looks like it’s over for most of the fish. I’m guessing the next full moon should take care of the late bloomers.
Some real nice cabrillas both the Leopard and Gulf grouper are being caught and shot on the higher seamounts.
We are starting our famous Roosterfish season. These fish are a target species. Some folks will slow troll large baits including mullet and some purely fly fish off the sandy beaches. So as we don’t always post large numbers of these beautiful comb back Jacks, it doesn’t mean their not here. They are and they get huge. So bring your big boy panties.
We are starting see more AmberJack action on the ridge off of Punta Norte. This will continue to pick up as we move into May. These brutes are a very popular species for the Spearos, so they will ley us know when they start arriving in large numbers.
We had another angler pick up a nice Tuna this week. It’s very early and we are not targeting them yet but it’s very exciting and a good sign for things to come.
All week we have had a large pod of Orcas cruising around. They have been so curious and friendly that people have stopped fishing just to follow them around for awhile. The pod I saw this week had to be at least 10 whales. They will leave you breathless. If you have a opportunity to see them don’t pass it up.
Our new boat Cazador went on its maiden voyage last week. It’s a great boat for both daily or multi day trips. We’re very excited at the flexibility of our fleet and experience of our captains and guides. Come on down the weather is fine.
Until next week
Keep the faith

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