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Wahoo Wednesday

La Paz Fishing Report / October 27 2019

Weather & Bait

Well it looks like another successful fishing tournament is in the books. Just a week after the Black and Blue was a wrap, the Cabo Bisbee’s started off with a bang. Among the 126 teams that headed out,  the winning fish was 577 pounds (261.72 kg) blue marlin by team pelagic’s “Tranquilo”

Back in La Paz not much has changed from last week. The winds are looking more and more like our traditional prevailing North blow, with longer periods of wind. Normally by the end of November there are more kite surfers than fishermen. Ugh.

The water conditions are still favorable with great clarity and temps averaging 83 degrees. Sardines are still available, they have moved a little further up the coast but still on the way to the fishing grounds. The sardines are very mixed in size so use the small baits for chumming and the larger for the hook.


Fish Talk

Dorado fishing is still off the charts. The current lines are full of debris from last weeks rain. Find one and it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll get your limit and release as many as 20 fish per day.

The tuna are hanging close to shore. On the positive, you don’t have to go far to find them. On the negative, the fishing grounds have so much fishing pressure the fish are a little spooked and staying down in the water column. You need a lot of patience as it takes a lot of chumming to get the fish to come up.

You will hook 20 bonito for every tuna, fortunately these fish are of great quality running 60-80 lbs. Using 40-50 lb fluorocarbon leader seems to be the ticket with small #2 circle hooks. If you are looking for Wahoo you will need to travel a bit further and fish the seamounts. Trolling dark colored swim baits are working ok but, for best success slow trolling chuhuili or Bolitos on wire is definitely the method of choice.

What's Next

Our Mag bay camp trips are in full swing. The groups came home with sore arms and backs, as the stripe Marlin are there in force. 20-30 fish days, all released of course. The Marlin are now focused on the bait balls, traveling in large schools in the hundreds of fish. Live bait, trolled lures, poppers or whatever you have in the box will work just fine.

It looks like we have some wind coming down mid week. So we may have a short window to get out to the fishing grounds. Not much on bottom fishing as everyone is generally focused on the fall Pelagic fish.

That’s it for this week.

Keep the faith.


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