Fish O Clock

As the summer vacations progress, we’ve taken many families out to fish, and we even had an internal fishing tournament with all of our staff, which was a great day for us to take a break and just have fun, while test running a few new reels, lines and rods that helped us land a bunch of tuna.

Although we’ve started to see more tropical storm/hurricane activity, it hasn’t stopped us from reeling back some nice fish, including yellowfin tuna, wahoo and one of our favorite fish the Mahi Mahi, some cloudy days have been the perfect contrast, making for some nice overcast weather days. Furthermore, some bits of rain here and there, have livened up the scenery, adding a little bit of green to the already colorful red rock / blue water color palette that characterizes the Sea of Cortez.

Read on to see some more specifics on what’s been going on here at BACo and why we think it’s Fish o’ Clock

The Weather

Summer Heat is on the rise, and we’ve been getting some warmer days outside but nothing a cold Cerveza can’t alleviate while out on the water. Furthermore, the water has been somewhat stable, ranging between 82°-86°F. Water has maintained a beautiful shade of deep blue, and we’re glad to have some rain come through here and there.

Although we’re still in the middle of hurricane season, we’re just past the “K” in the NHC nomenclature sequence, now moving over to the H with hurricane Hector starting to take shape, though most models show a path towards the northwest and away from the Baja peninsula.

The Fish

Big schools of sardines have stuck around and we’ve had great success with it as our go-to live bait choice. The YellowFin have been sighted in many locations all around La Paz, like our habitual fishing spots and some other corners where they have been reported. Furthermore, they’re staying active and have kept up a good bite rate. Our charters have been hauling a few tails per day ranging in the 50 – 80 pound class and not so line shy anymore, using heavier leaders which translated to more landed fish. We’ve also been mixing it up a little bit with various sizes of Dorado, but we’re still seeing ourselves releasing many small hungry mahis who’re more desperate for a quick snack, since limits are the norm when looking for dorado, we’re after the bigger bulls.

Billfish have begun to be sighted and hooked here and there, but we’re still focusing on other fish, since folks are after fish they can bring home.


Our spearfishing branch’s charters have had great success too, shooting some nice sized Wahoo, Grouper and  Tuna as well. We’ve begun the pre-season work to set up our fishing camp in the Pacific and we even did a quick in and out trip to assess the status of the waters on the other side, and it’s already looking like a promising fall season for all of our spearfishermen friends.

All in all, this year has been delivering quite nicely, and our captains, guides and even office staff have gotten to reap the rewards of their hard work, and we’re excited to share these memorable fishing days with anglers from all over.

Until the next report, we hope to sea you soon!