Magbay Madness

La Paz Fishing Report / 3rd November 2019

Weather & Bait

The Magbay Madness has begun as the lighter crowds and prevailing North winds are the tell tale signs that winter is not far away. Moderate day time temperature with cool mornings are delightful but, definitely the early indicator of transitioning from our summer pelagic fishing to our traditional cold water species. That being said I just want to remind everyone that last year we were blessed with a incredible winter Tuna fishery that lasted thru March. Just maybe we’ll get a repeat of that craziness.


Thursday was our first real winter northerly wind lasting for 5 days and closing the port for 2 of the days. The water is starting to green up, inshore temps are around 80 degrees, offshore 81-83 degrees. Magbay has been safe from the winds that stirred up the water in the Cortez side, and the visibility is great in the pacific’s deep blue.


Sardines are still available near Tecolote, unfortunately they’re small and we’re having to drop down to #4 circle hooks and light leaders to accommodate these little pinners. We haven’t seen any signs yet of mackerel in the bay but they should start to show up as the water continues to cool.


Chihuili and Bolitos are widely available on the seamounts. These baits slowed trolled with wire leaders are still bringing a few wahoo to the docks daily. Dorado are still feeding on the current lines, although the numbers are dropping off the fish are still nice quality. We had a boat this week find a small tree drifting in one of the current lines that was holding hundreds of Dorado. They caught their limits in literally minutes.

Fish Talk

The tuna are still being spotted from time to time but have seemed to move off the grounds in search of more favorable conditions. As I said earlier maybe they will return like last year bring us a little Christmas cheer. Speaking of cheer, the crew wen’t up there not knowing that they would reap the rewards of waiting for the right season, as Magbay lit up just in time for both Anglers and Spearos alike.

Back home in La Paz, Pargo Mulato and Cabrilla are starting to show up on the high spots. As the mackerel move in the bottom fishing will improve along with the Winter/ Spring yellowtail season. A couple of these guys along with a Dorado or two make for a nice day of fishing and great table fare.

What's Next

Our Magbay fish camp is in full swing with Stripe Marlin and Wahoo the main target. The Stripers are so thick our guides are throwing poppers, swim baits and anything else they can find in their boxes releasing 30-40 fish per day. A little further out on the 23 bank, quadruple hookups on wahoo is the norm not the exception. Marauders, Halcos, Rapalas or anything shiny is doing the trick for these speedsters, but the latest success has been with the spearfishermen. 

Rancho La Aguja is all set up and ready for Fall / Winter season. 

Until next week,
Keep the faith,

p.s. don’t bring bananas on the boat…


Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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