September Heats Up !

La Paz Fishing Report / September 13th 2020

Weather & Bait

Hot, Humid and flat seas. In September if there are no storm systems this is pretty normal. If there is no wind this is the month we pray for a little breeze.
It’s hard to get a bead on the crowds. One week it’s busy and the next week it’s not. Go figure. Flight schedules, school schedules continued fears of COVID is making this years fishing crowd extremely unpredictable.
Sardines are back on the beaches around Tecolote. They are a bit smaller then before but, plentiful. 600 pesos will get you a boat load. The water conditions have improved significantly, and with no storms or southern winds in the forecast we believe this will only continue to improve.

We’re seeing large schools of bait on the surface in the morning getting pushed around by predators on the seamounts, this helps us target the fish but, by afternoon the bait retreats to deeper water and either trolling or fishing the structure becomes the plan. Dorado are still the main attraction. They are up and down the coast lines from Punta Coyote to punta Gorda as well as around the islands, shark buoys and any floating debris you happen to find. These fish are ranging from 10-30lbs with the occasional 50+ coming in.

Fish Talk

The wahoo are starting to become more consistent. The numbers aren’t huge but if you target them your chances of picking a couple up are pretty good. The Spearos are having more success with the speedsters due to the fact they only need to find them, they don’t have to be feeding. Dark colored Rápalas or pre rigged Ballyhoo around Cerralvo seems to be the ticket. Large schools of porpoises are still being located offshore. These schools are holding fish but they can be far out and make for a long boat ride. Not to mention the fish are small 10-15lbs.

We have had increased activity off the islands for much larger tuna. These fish are the bruisers. 80-120 lbs. A few are being caught by the locals every day. We are metering them daily. Large schools around 60-80 feet deep. The trick is getting them up. They may be on the feed of pelagic red crabs or squid and that’s what’s keeping them at depth. We will continue to crack the code on this. The fish are too nice to ignore, we’ll figure it out.
Stripe Marlin are in abundance around El Bajo and El Charro. We had one boat with a triple, 2 strippers and 1 blue all on ballyhoos. Pargo and Cabrilla are on the rocky spots. Mostly targeted by the spear fisherman, as the traditional guys are targeting the Pelagic’s.
Assuming the weather cooperates the fall is setting itself up to be our normal fishing mayhem. All hands on deck. Honestly these season has been a bit slow, but maybe just slow to start. We are definitely seeing more activity now.
Stay close we have a full load fishing Monday so we’ll see.
Stay healthy
Keep the faith
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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