October 16th! Fishing Report

La Paz Fishing Report / October 16th

Weather & Bait

It looks like the fall season is firmly in place. We are definitely seeing more people walking around in the mornings and late evenings alone the malecón as the weather starts to cool. In fact finally I’ve been able to turn my air conditioner off and open the doors letting fresh air in the house during the mornings.
The bait supplies are back in place close to the marina. This is good news as they are directly on the way to the fishing grounds.
We haven’t seen any Mack’s or caballitos back in the bay yet but the sardines are plentiful and large.
Ballyhoo and squid are available and for sale, if you’re interested in either of those just let your captain know a day in advance.



Fish Talk


I feel like I can cut and paste last weeks report, as not much has changed. The Dorado are scattered through out the channel and around the islands.
Any floating debris, buoys or current lines are a good way to start the day. Fish from 10-20 lbs are the norm with an occasional 30 pounder boated.
Striped Marlin and Sailfish are still pretty stacked up a little further off shore and around the seamounts. Trolling lures or ballyhoos are the best bet, although we did get one chunking calamar while fishing for tuna.
The water is still a bit warm for this time of year. We metered temps up to 87 degrees. We need to get down to around 80 to activate the wahoo. We know they’re there as the free divers are seeing them cruising around, they are just lethargic and not on the feed due to the temp. This will change as the North winds start to blow.
The tuna have been making a showing with some real legit fish, unfortunately the bite is not consistent. If your fortunate to find them, they are running 50-60lb range. Chunking dead sardines and calamar are the ticket. If you’re fishing for a few days I would definitely dedicate a day for that. If you’re just fishing one day there’s better opportunities to land some quality and great eating fish.
This time of year not many people fish the bottom, so I don’t have any info there.
Inshore around the rocky point small Pargo are always hungry and looking for a meal. Light spinning gear with poppers or sardines will land you a nice fish for dinner.
Our fleet is finally in Mag bay. Today will be there first full day of fishing.
Good luck to them. I will have that report next week. I heard they had a bumpy ride headed up there but the rest of the week looks great.
We have a pretty busy week here in La Paz so next weeks report should be a good indicator of how the fall fishing will develop.
That’s it for the week.
Keep the faith


Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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