November 7th Fishing Report!

La Paz Fishing Report / november 7th 2021

Weather & Bait

With strong cool winds from the North and Two tropical storms to the south I’d say it’s Fall.
The water conditions are starting to change as well. Cooler off colored water has started to move in around some of the inshore fishing areas with clear blue conditions offshore where the waters a little warmer. Bait has not been an issue all season and is still readily available. As the water continues to cool off we should start to see mackerel and caballitos in the bay. These are great baits for many species and the best part is they’re free for the making.

Fish Talk

The best part of fall fishing is the variety, and that’s what we’ve got.
We still have all species of Marlin hanging around. They should stick with us until the end of the month. The Dorado though less common then say a couple of weeks ago are still scattered in the bay all the way out to Cerralvo island. We have seen an increase in Wahoo activity, though it’s not what it should be. That being said it should kick off any day as the water conditions are becoming more favorable for the skinnies.
Inshore and around the seamounts it’s a fish variety pack. There’s no telling what’s coming up but there is plenty of action. We have Cabrilla, Cubera snapper, yellowtail, Jacks, Bonito, and don’t ole triggerfish. Most are good to eat and all are fun to catch.
The tuna turned out to be a disappointment. We had fish early in the season pushing 80 lbs. These thugs were here for about a month in very shallow water next to Espíritu Santos island. Just long enough to get everyone all fired up then poof they vanished, not to be seen again. The scarcity of these fish is becoming alarming as we haven’t had a consistent tuna bite all year thru the entire Sea of Cortez. I don’t know if this was just a bad year or heavy commercial fishing. Either way it sucked.
Our next showing should be Wahoo as I mentioned earlier, tis the season.

Updates of Magbay

Our Mag bay trips are in full swing with some nice triple digit tuna, the wahoo are plentiful and the rocky spots are coughing up yellowtail as soon as your jig hits the bottom.
That will do it for the week.
Be safe
Keep the faith

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