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La Paz Fishing Report / december 8th 2019

Weather & Bait

The fishing season as well as the year are rapidly coming to an end. Crowds are light here in La Paz as most people are now in full blown holidays and family modeThe wind for the most part has still been relentless. As I’ve said before the normal winter wind pattern is 4-5 day blow from the north then letting up for a few days giving us an opportunity to comfortably make the fishing grounds.

This year has been a little more challenging as we are having 7-8 day stretches of strong northerlies with a 1 day break, brutal. That being said we are finding large schools of mackerel & caballitos back in the bay and calamar is still widely available.

Fish Talk

The fish really haven’t moved off the spots they’ve been all summer. If anything the only difference is we’re adding the winter cooler water species to the mix without having to move around.

Dorado and wahoo are still being found on the north end of Cerralvo. Dark colored Marauders and Halcos trolled between 7-10 knots are getting the Wahoos attention, but slow troll a chihuil with wire and a trap hook and your odds dramatically increase. We are still finding Tuna on the south end of the island. Although this school has thinned out a bit a few fish in the 60-100lb range are landed every day. Mostly chunking calamar or dead sardines.

In the same area we are starting to find various species of grouper and other bottom critters. The cabrilla are nice little fatties ranging from 12-15 lbs. We had one angler land a 40lb Sawtail grouper on a scrambled egg Salas 6x jig. (Photo Above). Our fishing camps in Mag bay are still on fire. With all pelagic species still feeding on the bait balls as well as large grouper and yellowtail on the rocky spots accommodating the spear fishing. Overall the fishing is holding up rather well for this time of year, it’s just been the number of days we can get out and productively fish that’s been a challenge.

Next week is showing more of the same. Sunday and Monday look to be the best with a north wind starting on Tuesday thru out the week. Fortunately the Whale Sharks are close and aren’t bothered by a little wind, so if you have an opportunity to go swim with these gentle giants you should, it’s an incredible experience.

What's Next

As we continue into our winter season we should expect to start seeing more yellowtail, Cabrilla and Pargo in the mix.

Until next week,
Keep the faith


Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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