Hello September, Hello Sealions !

Sea Lions at Espiritu Santo

La Paz travel update / September 6th 2020

September finally rolled around, and after a 3 month break, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re able to visit the Sealions of Espíritu Santo once again. Despite the pandemic restrictions and the national park authorities regulating access, this hiatus has typically been awarded in consideration of their reproductive season, when mating and birthing takes place, and having a break from human interaction allows them to focus on what’s truly important.

Although we’re not sealions, these 3 month break also allowed us to focus on maintaining our fleet, updating our menu options and huddling back with our team, particularly our guides, who are eager to jump back in the water, hoping to interact with the newborn sealions.


The weather has been incredibly forgiving during this summer, with no major storms or hurricanes giving us any trouble, save for the occasional sprinkle, and some hot weather deserving of a visit to the beach and some cold drinks. As of Friday, September 4th, the state has re-opened the beaches for public access at 30% capacity, though we’re glad to be able to visit more remote and unaccessible by land locations, to get away from the buzzle of the road accessible shorelines.

We’re one month away from the whaleshark season opening, and we hope to be able to provide the awesome combination of sealions and gentle giants on a single day. We might be limited to operate private trips only, due to Covid regulations, however, this has been our specialty since the start, and we hope that our valued customers and friends are able to make the travel arrangements in the upcoming months.

With the worst of the hot weather behind us and the best of the wildlife ahead, we’re excited to switch on the adventures and continue to do what we love for a living. We really do hope to see you all soon !

Stay Stoked


David Flores

David Flores

David likes to dive deep in the digital and underwater worlds, his taste for adventures has taken him to reside in the heart of southern Baja

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