Happy 4th of July Fishing Report

La Paz Fishing Report / 4th of july 2021

Weather & Bait

If you’re reading this from the the United States, Happy Independence Day. Hot dogs and hamburgers for all. If you’re not, we’ll Happy Day to you as well.
All in all the week went pretty well. Tropical storm Enrique gave us a little wind and swell, closed the port for a day then moved on.
The water conditions didn’t change much. Water temperature are low to mid 80’s, super clear and blue offshore with a mix of off color in shore. Not much different then before the storm.

Bait is available for purchase at Tecolote. The sardines are huge and plentiful.

If your looking for larger baits the seamounts are full of chihuil and Bolitos.
These baits are super easy to make right now and a plus for all species of fish.
As the summer fishing continues to develop we will start stocking larger quantities of calimar. This is great bait for fishing the chunk if tuna is what your after.

Fish Talk

This was another week of all varieties on deck, it’s like let’s go out and get 5 completely different species of fish and go have a beer.
The cool thing, is both the resident fish and Pelagic’s are all in the same places.
This week most of the boats came in with Multiple species of Pargo, Cabrilla, Alamaco Jacks, yellowtail, trigger fish and dorado all in the same day. We had a guest from New Orleans land a 100lb Striped Marlin on 30lb test fishing a dead sardine, released of course. 

Tuna Talk

One of our most frequent guest went out with his family to our little secret tuna hole we don’t talk much about on Friday and on their last drift with Capt Jose pinned a 138 lb tuna. Pictured below.
I don’t know what else I can say. Fishing is not wide open but it’s good, and it’s good for everything. Some days are better then others and some boats do better on any given day but in the end everybody’s tired and coolers are full.
The one thing I didn’t mention is on the seamounts at El Bajo the shark activity just went ballistic. I have never seen this many sharks and this aggressive.
We had multiple hook ups only to end up shark food. They chewed up our lures, cut our lines and circled the boats when you were on a drift. I know the spearos were getting a little spooked.
This May be do to the change in temp related to the storm, I don’t know but, the tax man got paid that’s for sure.
It was a good week.
Please be safe and responsible this weekend. Get your reservations in and let’s go fishing.
Keep the faith

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