February on Fire !

La Paz Fishing Report / February 7th 2021

Weather & Bait

First week of february is on fire, and the winter conditions prevail, but with spring fishing action. The crowds were light this past week. With Covid setting new infections rates international travel restrictions and normal winter conditions this is not surprising. What is surprising is the quantity and quality of our early season fishWater temperature and clarity have stabilized. Surface temps are running 68-70 degrees with dirty green visibility.Bait is largely available on the north side of the bay, with Mackerel and caballito scattered throughout.
Most boats are starting their day making baits using Sabikis in 30-60 feet of water. This has been no more then 15 to 30 minute event. The best thing is it’s free.The yellowtail haven’t really settled in on their permanent spots yet, my guess is it’s still early so they’re more into chasing bait then looking for a home to spawn. As I’ve said before the currents are driving the bite. When the water is moving we are averaging 2-3 fish per angler. On the days when the tides are light it can be a bit of a scratch.As you will see in the pics these fish are all quality. I can’t remember when we have had 30-40lb fish this consistent so early.

Fish Talk


Although the fish are still moving around, the rocky spots on both sides of the island, are holding fish, drift fishing mackerels or caballitos. 10-15 feet off the bottom or slow trolling the same with down riggers is getting your ticket punched.The challenge is, fishing so close to the rocks, as soon as your bait gets picked up you better have your sh— together. If not you’ll spend more time tying hooks then landing fish.The same goes for the Cabrilla. This species of grouper in my opinion is by far the best eating. The fight isn’t as long as the moss back but, the first couple of minutes is so crucial. If you have a beer or a sandwich in hand when the bite happens the fight is over before it starts.Inshore, trolling for Sierra with small swim baits on light tackle has been explosive. 

Trolling four rods in most cases is a quadruple hook up.The season is just starting so if the weather conditions stay true we are in for a great spring fishery. The weather next week looks incredible so we will see how things develop.Mid week we had a boat slow trolling a bait on the surface while fishing for yellowtail and picked up a 50 lb Tuna ( bonus) :)This time of year the variety is mostly bottom fishing, in my opinion the best eating. Everybody’s going home with full coolers of fresh vacuum sealed filets.

Here at Baco are adhering to all the government safety protocols, so please be patient. We want everyone to be safe and healthy.When booking your flights check with the airlines for any new travel policies. Not much has changed but, you never know.

Our office and boats are sanitized on a regular basis and the Tequila, well pretty much takes care of the rest. Please be safe , stay healthy and come relax and fish with us. It’s a great way to decompress form all the craziness.

That’s it for now…
Keep the faith
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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