February is gone Fishing Report

La Paz Fishing Report / February 26th

It was a very busy week here in LaPaz. We just finished up with Carnival which is great fun unless you need to drive somewhere. The winds finally gave us a break allowing everyone to enjoy all the water activities La Paz has to offer.
So all in all it was a good week.
This week also allowed us more days to fish then the last 3 weeks combined.
Bait is available mostly in the back bay by Mogote. The only problem is it’s a small window to make bait and it’s early. If you get out right at sunrise you can load up in 30 minutes with bait to spare. If you wait until you pound a couple cups of coffee before you go it can burn hours of prime fishing time.
We did find some pangeros that are selling Mack’s and cabs on the way out to the fishing grounds. In my opinion that’s the way to go.
The water temperature has stabilized at 66 degrees with very little visibility. Pretty normal for this time of year.
So last week I mentioned that the fish were mostly congregated to the north, just out of reach of a normal days trip. This week they have migrated down well within reach and are starting to settle in to there spawning areas. Still some days are better then others but that’s fishing. This year I’ve also noticed the avg size of the yellowtail are larger then usual. I personally have never seen so many fish lost due to pulled hooks, shredded line and one guy just flat got spooled. I’m guessing a big grouper or AmberJack. That guy was me.
This weekend at El bajo which looked more like a boat show then a fishing spot was coughing up limits of yellowtail, cabrilla and Cubera snapper with some boats back by lunch time. Saturday probably 70% of the fish on the seamount were caught on jigs. Salas 6X in scrambled egg pattern or multi colored butterfly jigs. Go figure they would rather eat the iron then a fresh Mac.
Anyway the fishing is great the coolers are full and the tequila bottles are empty. That’s a good week.
This next week is forecasting wind again, ugh. The reason they call them forecast is they are seldom correct. Hopefully we will be able to squeeze a few days in before they close the port.
Inshore fishing around the beaches and coves off Espíritu Santos are starting to show signs of Rooster fish. Slow trolling Caballitos or mullet or site casting poppers are starting to be productive. Fishing is definitely picking up and the season is looking very promising.
That’s it, check out the pics.
Keep the faith

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