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La Paz Fishing Report / October 6th 2019

Weather & Bait

La Paz Fishing is back to normal now that Hurricane Lorena, and tropical storm Narda have come and gone and thank goodness no real damages to report we can re focus on what we do best which is, FISH.

Historically September is one of our slowest months due to it being the heart of our storm season, not to mention the weather is just not fun, we were surprisingly very busy. As the Fall Equinox passed, we finally had that feel of fall in the air now tat we’re in the spooky season of October, the afternoons are still toasty and humid but, the mornings are quite pleasant. We are experiencing stronger then normal Coromuel winds in the morning 10-12 knots south/ southwest fading to still glassy water in the afternoons.

Sardines are still available for sale on the way out to the fishing grounds, but unfortunately there are only a couple of pangueros making bait so the wait can be a little frustrating. We are working on a solution for that as we speak. We do have an ample supply of calamar for sale at the office so if you’re not wanting to sit around in the morning I suggest that be your bait of choice.

Fish Talk

Regarding fishing the Dorado bite is wide open. These fish are now grown up and willing to bite literally 20 minutes from the marina. This week everyone came back with limits averaging 15-25lbs.

Striped marlin are also thick around the island and San Lorenzo channel. Small to medium size skirted lures or slow trolled sardines are enticing the strippers. We have had a couple of days when we’ve had to actually relocate to avoid these pointy nose critters to find other species to fill our coolers.

The tuna bite has still been hit or miss. The YFT are still hanging out on the banks and ridges around the north end of Cerralvo but since Lorena came through the water is a little off color and a few degrees cooler.

Assuming the weather stabilizes this should be temporary and the bite should turn back on. October is normally our best month for these brutes and we’re anticipating their return any day.

Drift fishing chunks of calamar or slow trolling Chihuili are the ticket. A 140 kilo tuna was landed last week after a 6 hour battle. These fish are still a little line shy especially in the afternoon 30lb fluorocarbon leaders and small hooks are a must.
The tides this week are very big creating too much current to bottom fish effectively.

What's Next

We’ve had a couple of Blue Marlin caught around la Rena and El charro. These area are far out so if this is your target fish prepare yourselves for a long boat ride. Wahoo have still been elusive but, as the moon builds we are anticipating these speedsters to get on the chew.

We have a full schedule of anglers this week so stay tuned, next week’s report should be more informative.

That’s it for the week.
Keep the faith

Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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