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La Paz Fishing Report / 13th October 2019

Weather & Bait

A lot of people ask me if I can only make one trip a year to La paz which month should they come. I answer October.
The weather is just spectacular with cool mornings light winds from the Southwest, warming up to the mid 80’s by afternoon with little to no winds making for incredible water activities.

The fall months are also when traditionally the water has the clearest visibility sometimes reaching 60-80’. If your coming down for either diving or spearfishing the conditions are ideal.

Normally by this time of year we have seen the last of the major storm activity so calm days on the water are pretty much guaranteed.
Bait is still be made and sold, sardines are plentiful around the Tecolote area. They seem to be moving out of the bay. This is not a problem for the charters as it’s still in the right direction, but for some of the bait providers with older pangas it’s a little out of their reach so the wait times especially on the weekends can get long and frustrating. So get out as early as possible.
There is also plenty of bait on the fishing grounds. Chuhuil and Bolitos. These larger baits are favored by all species and really preferred by the tuna and Marlin.

Fish Talk

The overall fishing is pretty good. Dorado ranging from 10-40 lbs are literally everywhere. Folks are getting there limits and releasing a dozen more by noon.
Stripe Marlin are also on the chew. These guys are feeding in the same areas as the Dorado. If you can find a current line, and there are many right now, just slow troll your way on the inside with sardines, chuhuil or small to med size plastics. You will definitely not be disappointed.

The Wahoo are finally starting to make a show. They are hanging around the sea mounts and ridges just off the drop. We seem to be feeding on the slower trolled baits right now. Rigged Ballyhoos on wire, Rapallas, Halcos, most any deep diving swim baits trolled around 7 knots is doing the trick.
We had clients this week hook and land a double on the hood, while they were resetting the lines for another pass their lure was hit while line was still being let out.

Regarding Tuna, well, we should be in full swing. This is normally when we are in the middle of Tuna crazy. We are not. We are finding an occasional fish here and there, but for the most part it’s been a disappointing season for tuna fishing. The past few years have been so epic perhaps we set our expectations a little too high. Last year the bite went well into March, so who knows. Fingers crossed.

What's Next

October is also the month when we open our fishing camp in Bahía Magdalena.
This is truly an experience of a life time. We normally offer the Mag fishing from October to January. This is an off-site somewhat rustic fishing adventure. The accommodation are clean with most comforts of home. The reward for not being at the Ritz is some of the best unspoiled fishing in the world. For more details please contact us.
This being our first trip out for the year I don’t have a report yet, but I’ve heard the Strip Marlin are already schooled up and feeding on the bait balls. Regarding wahoo and Tuna this is the only place I have ever fished where quadruple hook-ups are not the exception but the norm.
We will keep you posted on the future trips from Mag in the following weeks.

We are still expecting our new 51’ Power Cat to be delivered this year. Please inquire at our office or online. We are booking trips now, and spring is filling quickly.
This new boat will make for incredible day trips at the island for you and many of friends and family or unbelievable multi day fishing trips this spring for the famed yellowtail fishing La Paz has to offer.

Until next week,
Keep the faith


Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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