August: Wahoo, Marlin, Mahi and Hurricanes

Wahoo Spearfishing in La Paz

La Paz Fishing Report / August 14th 2020

Everything feels like August but the fishing. This is not to say we’re not catching fish, we are but, day by day week by week we are lacking any consistency. One day the water is clear and blue the next it’s cloudy and green. I have never seen such a difference in water temperature as we have this year. The day time temps are mid to high 90s pretty tolerable for August, the humidity is up but, that’s normal for this time of year. We have a storm Genevieve working it’s way north. Fortunately its tracking west of the Baja peninsula. Worst case looks like a glancing blow in Cabo. This will probably bring some wind and well needed rainfall but that’s it.

Bait was a little more difficult this week. The mackerel have seemed to disappear in the bay and towards the end of the week the bait providers were struggling with the sardines. Bait is still available just the wait was a little longer.
As far as fishing well, all species are available. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen people fishing for Blue Marlin within site of other boats fishing for yellowtail and snapper. It’s all here. The Dorado are spread throughout the entire area.

Trolling small to medium size lures, skirted Ballyhoo or slow trolling sardines is doing the trick. These fish are running 15-30lbs. The wahoo are starting to make a showing. These fish are hanging around the North and South end of Cerralvo Island where the water is warmer and blue. Dark colored Rapalas, Marauders or slow trolled Bolitos with wire and trap hooks are working well. The tuna are starting to make their way up. They are still traveling under the porpoises but seem to be a bit closer in as the previous weeks. I believe as soon as the water stabilizes the tuna will move in and start feeding on the banks which are loaded with bait.

Trolling For Wahoo
Wahoo on Rapala

The Spearos are still finding large schools of AmberJacks, Cubera snapper and grouper on the seamounts and rocky spots. Stripe Marlin and sail fish are being caught from the San Lorenzo channel to the 88 bank on medium size lures, blue and white or Guacamaya pattern seem to be the best.

Blue Water Hunting For Wahoo
Wahoo Loco

That’s pretty much it for the week. We will wait and watch for this latest storm and update you as soon as we can.

Be safe, stay healthy
Keep the faith

Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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