Baja Spearfishing Adventures with Pistoleros del Mar

We’ve started Pistoleros Del Mar in 2009. Since then we’ve guided visiting spearos of all skill levels from all over the world to the best dive spots in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific side of southern Baja. We have an intimate knowledge of the area and the fish that roam these waters, so no matter what time of year or the day’s conditions, we know where to go for the best spearfishing action Baja has to offer.

About Our Spearfishing Trips

Every spearfishing trip we offer is completely custom-tailored to your group and the experience you’d like to have. From single-day trips on a budget to all-out multi-day spearfishing extravaganzas — we’re here to make it happen.

When you sign up for a trip, you choose:

  • Number of days you’d like to Spearfish
  • Number of divers in your group
  • Species you’d like to target
  • Types of Diving spots (Shallow Reefs, Deep Blue Water, etc.)
  • Specific destinations you’d like to dive

We’ll get to work putting together the perfect package for your group. Then, all you have to do is get down to Baja — we’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t want to travel with all your gear? No problem. We provide some of the necessary gear for free and have everything else you might need available for rent.

If you do want to bring your own gear and aren’t sure what will work best in our waters, please contact us ahead of time and we’ll help you pack accordingly to have the most success when you get here.


We provide a wide range of spearfishing charters, suitable for beginners, intermediate divers and the experienced spearfisherman, all designed to provide the best chance of spearing a fish of a lifetime.


Spearfishing Destinations

La Paz is our hub, however, we dive all around Baja, check out our other awesome locations. We can make custom packages to all locations.

Why Book a Spearfishing trip with Pistoleros Del Mar

No shortage of world-class dive spots or fish

From our headquarters in La Paz, we have quick access to an incredible variety of high-quality dive spots from reefs and shipwrecks to seamounts and blue water. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, we have spots to accommodate a wide range of experience levels, depth preferences, and target species.

Single-day or multi-day trips available

Whether you want to spend a single day spearfishing nearby waters, or head further out for a multi-day, off-the-grid spearfishing adventure of a lifetime, we’ve got you covered.

We take care of your catch

The tasty rewards of your spearfishing efforts won’t be spoiled. As soon as you hoist your catch aboard, our crew will clean and ice it down to keep it impeccably fresh while you continue diving. When we get to shore, one of the many excellent local restaurants will prepare your catch of the day for an unforgettable meal.

Fast, smooth, and comfortable boats

We have a small fleet of center console and diving platform boats that we painstakingly keep in perfect condition. For most of our spearfishing trips, our go-to boat is a 27-foot center console that has ample room for your group, your gear, and plenty of ice, drinks, and food. Plus, it’s super fast and smooth to cover lots of water to get you on the fish without delay.

The best guides in the business

We don’t like to brag, but our guides consistently receive great reviews from our clients as being the best spearfishing guides in Baja. Not only are our guides experienced divers and spearfishermen, but they’re highly educated with degrees in either marine biology or tourism, and fluent in both Spanish and English. When you’re on the water with our guides, they’re always happy to answer questions about diving and spearfishing techniques and love sharing everything they know about the unique ecology and marine life of the area.

We care about our waters

We take great pride in our fishery and strictly follow all regulations on spearfishing. And in an effort to ensure healthy fish populations into the future, we self-impose limits on taking certain reef species. The Sea of Cortez is a very special place and we do everything we can to make sure it stays that way.