Welcome To May !

Welcome to May. The fishing pressure has been light, due to the fact Easter break is over and summer vacation being around the corner. Our weather is still in the typical Spring mode. The mornings are chilly low 60’s giving away to beautiful afternoons in the mid to high 80’s.
Unfortunately, those pesky winds just won’t stop, we are still experiencing the cold Pacific westerlies some days, gusts exceeding 15 knots making for uncomfortable and wet mornings. Normally this is the time of year when we start to see the winds change into our summer patterns, fingers crossed.
The water temperature is still fluctuating quite a bit, this is due to high winds and strong currents. We are still finding surface temps ranging between 71 to 80 degrees which is not helping the fish settle in.

Again bait is still plentiful, Mackerel and caballitos here in the bay and sardines can be purchased on the way out to the fishing grounds. I saw a few boats out this week using calamari, anticipating the tuna bite to start any day.
This week we had a number of pistoleros (spear fisherman) out on the seamounts having great success and a variety of species.
On the typical seamounts ranging from 85-120 feet our guest encountered yellowtail 25 lb class, Pargo, Cabrilla and our first showing of Pez Fuerte ( Amber Jack). This is the time of year when those appropriately named fish start coming up the water column and feeding on the rocky spots and shred your gear to pieces.

The traditional anglers had a bit of a tougher time finding the fish. One day they’re thick and hungry on one spot and the next day GONE, only to be found the following day in another location a mile away. The boats in the right spot on the right day are behind well rewarded with yellowtail 25 lb class and AmberJacks exceeding 50 lbs. Once again we had tuna sitings, these elusive fish have been located in various spots around the island and have been in the 50 kilo range but again none caught.

Next weeks weather forecast looks much better. Hopefully, this pattern will start to trend and our summer pelagic fish will start looking for their feeding grounds and settle in. Tomorrow we have a 2 groups fishing for Roosterfish. If they return early I will add there day to this report.

For all the moms
Happy Mother’s Day
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