Weather & Bait


The weather has been for the most part pretty typical for this time of year. High 70’s at night low triple digit daytime highs. We have been getting some relief from the heat for at least part of the day as high clouds have been shielding our pumpkins from the sun, but they usually burn off by mid afternoon then it’s just HOT.
No major storms have crossed our path yet as everything is still moving West, but we are definitely feeling the humidity from them but that’s it, so far so good.

The water conditions are definitely improving. Water clarity on the outer banks are marine blue and 85 degrees but the inshore water is still way off color, definitely not August conditions. If our current weather pattern continues this should improve in the near future.

In the beginning of the week sardines didn’t seem to be a problem plenty of bait to be had, but as the week came to an end our bait providers were having a tough time finding the schools. Hopefully it’s just a location issue and not a long term problem. Bait on the fishing grounds are available most days, it can be time consuming but well worth it, as bolitos and chihuili are the bait of choice for most species. Fortunately we have plenty of squid so definitely ask your captain if you’re interested.

Fish Talk


Regarding fishing as we stated last week the Pelagic’s are starting to settle into their summer patterns. Dorado are are being found on most of the seamounts, points and shark bouys. These fish are still running a bit on the smaller size but as the season continues these peanuts should add a few pounds and be more desirable . I didn’t see it but heard a 55 lb Dorado was boated this week.


Tuna Tuna Tuna, they are here and it looks like they have settled in. These fish are running 50-100 lbs and are tearing up the sardines being generously chummed by the anglers. The pattern seems to be early morning drift fishing sardines while the sun is still low 50lb leader works just fine but, as the sun rises higher you’ll need to drop down to 30lb fluorocarbon leader and size #2 circle hooks while slow trolling. Big fish on light tackle makes for tons of fun and many broken hearts as these thugs don’t give up easily, win a few lose a few. Just have fun with it, the tug is the drug.

Striped marlin are plentiful around El Bajo and Punta Norte as well as the occasional larger Blues and Blacks. We still haven’t seen much of the elusive speedsters around but as we edge closer to fall I believe we will see the Wahoo action pick up.
Just a reminder that BACo has state of art fish processing capabilities. We will fillet vacuum seal and freeze your catch for safe travel.
That’s it for the week.
Keep the faith