A Taste of Summer



The heat is here and so are some of the fish we’ve been waiting for. With a taste of the summer species in our plates, it’s safe to say that the Summer is tasting fresh despite the hotter afternoons and no wind days that have also shown some more moisture in the air. The mornings are still pretty chill, which is why our early start fishing charters go very well, as we manage to head out to the fishing spots well before the sun starts scorching things up. We’re already seeing some more weather activity taking place, but so far the conditions have been good to us here in La Paz bay as well as some of the other areas we have recently visited on our longer range fishing expeditions with the spearfishing crews.



While we have been giving the Sea Lions a break, our fishing charter activity has started to show us a taste of what the season will be like. Just yesterday, we found porpoise not far from Espiritu Santo Island and we threw a couple of lures in which got us a decent sized Tuna in the 60/70 pound range. On Wednesday we took a family out which got everyone excited about getting a pretty good mixed bag with 3 Mahi Mahi, a Yellowtail Jack, a couple of cabrillas and a handful of skipjacks. Two days earlier a marlin put up a show and was released after a good photo with our captain Jose.

It finally feels like we’re stabilizing into some good fishing conditions with different species showing up here and there. While we still have to see some Wahoo and more schools of Tuna, we’re already enjoying the fresh rewards of taking the baja heat.

We definitely know that the fish are there, It’s just a matter of getting up early, heading out fast and making the right call.

Thankfully our crew knows what’s hot and what’s not, and despite the weather being a bit harsh on the heat side, the fishing has been steadily improving from last week to what we hope will be a great summer season for all anglers and spearos.

That’s it for now
Keep the faith