Spring Fishing is Back !

Spring break is in full swing, the tourism in La Paz is simply booming. The malecón is busy day and night, the hotels are booked and getting into a restaurant is challenging.

The weather is typical for this time of year, cool mornings and beautiful afternoons.
Lows in the mid 50’s highs in the mid-80’s. The wind is still kicking up most days, but it definitely looks like we are turning the corner. As we head into summer the typical coromuel trade winds start up early mornings out of the southwest, this is happening now. These are favorable winds as they are mild, warm and diminish by mid-morning; Water temperature is 72-74 degrees and starting to clear up nicely.



That’s the usual phrase you normally read about this time of year.
Well, wait for it, we are not only still catching our traditional spring run of yellowtail, cabrilla and pargo on the seamounts, (still going strong) but, are starting our summer showing of Tuna. Yep Tuna.

We are into our 3rd week of 40-60lb class Yellowfin. These fish aren’t plentiful but most boats are picking up 1-3 per day. This looks very promising for months to come as these fish are staying in the same areas due to the fact we have massive amounts of bait settling in around Espíritu Santo Island. Mackerel, caballitos and sardines are the mainstay and available to all anglers as well as chihuil and bolito on the El Bajo seamount if you want to make your own bait.

Tuna Time is near !


We had one boat this week jigging la Barra rocks for cabrilla and was surprise with four 50lb class tuna. We also have giant Bonito not great table fare but these are monsters 15-18lbs. The tug is the drug. I have no report on roosters as we haven’t been fishing for them due to the variety of gamefish that are on the chew.
Our spear fishing guests are lighting it up. They are fishing the same areas as our traditional fishing clients except when the tide changes or the currents slow and the bite slows down they are still in the fish and shooting away.

We will keep you posted weekly as we are expecting a banner summer. The future looks bright and the fish are tasty !

Thank you for reading and make sure to check out our social media pages for real-time updates on fishing and other wildlife sightings.