Spring Is in the Air

Spring is definitely in the air. Our mornings are definitely warmer and our traditional coromuel winds ( morning southwest ) are prevailing.
The water temperatures are all over the place, we had boats at El Bajo which metered 72 degrees, two boats at the North end of Cerralvo island where the water was 76 degrees and a number of charters at La Barra, south end of Espíritu Santo where we saw 81 degrees. Assuming the temp gauges are even close to accurate that’s a big deviation; Bait is still plentiful. Mackerel and caballitos are being made near Mogote and sardines can be purchased around Pichilingue on your way out to the fishing grounds.

Honestly, fishing has been a bit of a scratch. It looks like the yellowtail are post spawn and looking for cooler water to spend their summer months. Our guest are still targeting the moss backs but are catching fewer each trip. As the water warms and continues to clear up we’ve had to resort to lighter leader #30 fluorocarbon which seems to be working better but makes it tough to keep them out of the rocks.

La Reina has large schools of Eastern Pacific bonito, these fish are great eating (similar to tuna) and scrappy on light tackle. Daily limits are no problem.
The Pargo and Cabrilla went on the chew this week on the typical rocky spots drift fishing mackerel with 4-8oz weights. Thursday while fishing La Barra we saw huge schools of Dorado off Bonanza chasing schools of sardines. There is plenty of sargasso patties drifting around, if you find them that’s definite must stop.

Regarding the Tuna, well they’ve gone silent. We hear daily about someone spotting them here or there but nobody’s catching them.
We have a 3 day spearfishing trip leaving today as well as a full load of traditional fishing trips all weekend I’ll try to get their results in before we post.
The signs of a promising season are in place, assuming the weather conditions continue to stabilize, I believe great fishing is not far off.
Keep the faith.